MyRepublic bold plans to be Singapore’s fourth telco

This is the season to be campaigning!

The election fever is going around and it looks like MyRepublic caught the bug. Bidding to be Singapore’s fourth telco, they need us — Singaporeans — to be their supporters in order to win.


MyRepublic’s legend-(wait for it)-dary plan is to give all broadband subscribers 12 months of free unlimited mobile data.

However, you have to sign up with MyRepublic by 30 September 2015, and you have to be under a specific 24-month unlimited data mobile plan to enjoy the perks.


Part of their campaign also includes a Mobility Trail that begins on 22 October 2015. Participants will be able to enjoy an unlimited data in the coverage area — across a number of blocks with further coverage at the Jurong East Bus Interchange and Jurong East MRT station — and will receive a free phone along with other perks for the trial.


Over 13,000 participants have signed up, and MyRepublic will have to win them over with their ‘ultimate experience of unlimited, seamless data’.

raise eyebrow

If their bidding is successful, MyRepublic has their own set of promises to fulfil to their customers.

One such of obligation is bringing big data bundles for monthly mobile data plans. Also, they feel that third-party applications such as Whatsapp or Line should not be charged extra for benefiting their customers.


Can they succeed?

In order to gain more supporters, MyRepublic offers different plans from other telcos like the big data bundle for mobile plans and especially the free unlimited broadband data for 12 months.

But will these efforts be enough for them to take on big 3 existing telcos?

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Featured Image via MyRepublic Facebook
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