Time to consider the disruption official

Feel that, Singtel? That’s the new kid on the block breathing down your neck.

Singapore oldest telecommunications operator is offering increased data amid competition from — get this — a telco that doesn’t even have the licenses to operate in Singapore.

And M1 has hit back with their own deal, upsizing consumers’ data allowance at a fixed price.

Does this mean that Singaporeans are in for far better telco contracts?

We take a look at MyRepublic’s disruption, and how the competition have responded.

MyRepublic’s deal

On Wednesday (9 Mar), MyRepublic announced their proposed price plans, should their application to become Singapore’s 4th telco be successful.

The purple promoter is offering only two plans, with the basic starting at $6/month and 2GB of data. There is also an unlimited data package beginning  at $60/month — an abomination that currently does not exist in Singapore’s mobile landscape.


MyRepublic is also seeking potential subscribers to express their interest for a chance of priority, should the bid succeed.

Singtel’s retort

In return, Singtel announced a new add-on plan that will double existing data allowance. DataX2 will cost customers $5.90 a month.

However, the deal is only available for customers on Combo 2 plan and above. Sorry, Combo 1 users!


M1’s reveal

And on Thursday (10 Mar), M1 followed suit, offering upsized data allowances for new and re-contracting customers.

Unlike Singtel’s deal, M1’s plan seems a little more complicated. They are providing slightly less than double of existing bundled data for the same price as Singtel — $5.90 a month.

For example, if a customer’s plan comes with 3GB bundled, there will be upsized data of 2GB. If the plan comes with 4GB bundled, the upsized data is 3GB. And so on.


What’s next?

MyRepublic’s unlimited data plan starts at $60, which cheaper than Singtel’s 6GB ($68.80) and M1’s 7GB ($67.90) plans.

Which means if you usually use more than 7GB of mobile data, you should keep your fingers crossed that MyRepublic actually wins their 4th telco bid.

Meanwhile, StarHub really needs to step their game up.

With reference from MyRepublic, Singtel, M1
Featured image via Aotaro