“God Has Answered My Family’s Prayers”

It’s official. Dr Mahathir is Malaysia’s Prime Minister again. On his way out is newly-minted “former PM” Najib Razak.

Given Mr Najib’s dismal showing at the ballot box, it’s no surprise that Malaysia is full of detractors of the Barisan Nasional chairman.

However, there’s one that’s closer to him than you you think: his stepdaughter.

Born out of the first marriage of his wife Rosmah Mansor, Azrene Ahmad made clear her feelings on her stepfather’s policies in a nearly-800 word post on Facebook.

Take a read for yourself. We’ll summarise what she said after the jump (it’s a long read but worth every minute).


End of an era … of tyranny

Ms Ahmad pulls absolutely no punches. Right out of the gate, she states that the election results marked the “end of an era of tyranny”.

She alleges that she faced “physical and mental abuse” at the hands of Mdm Rosmah and that her stepfather, Mr Najib, wasn’t safe from the abuse either.


Ms Ahmad’s allegations of numerous indiscretions – usually financial – committed against the Malaysian people make for a staggering read.

From suitcases stuffed with cash to offshore accounts and hidden safes, the life in the Najib household certainly seemed like one lived in excess.

According to Ms Ahmad, she was even used as a mule to smuggle cash and precious stones across borders.

Add that to the intent to use her as a bargaining chip by attempting to sell her into strategical or political marriages, one can only wonder why she elected to remain by her family’s side for so long.

The moment she finally decided to leave, Ms Ahmed said, was when the “terror” became too “unbearable” a burden to carry.

But the hardships kept coming even after she married out of the family.

After marriage

Even when Ms Ahmad managed to marry someone of her choosing, her new family was relentlessly subject to “cruel, intolerable, and degrading treatment” at the hands of Mdm Rosmah and her cronies.

Ms Rosmah allegedly mishandled various forms of the government machinery – including the civil service – to shut off Ms Ahmad’s means of providing for her family.

Mr Najib, who Ms Ahmad saw as the one man who could helper, allegedly did nothing.


In fact, his actions evidently amounted to worse than nothing.

Ms Ahmad accused Mr Najib of turning a blind eye to her family’s plight, even helping to “cover his wife’s tracks”.

Just as he was too scared to stand up for the rights of the people when he realised something malignant had creeped into 1MDB .

Together, Ms Ahmad says that the couple bribed, extorted, silenced, maimed and killed.

Removed by Instagram

The post was removed on Instagram but remains on Facebook.

Ms Ahmad aired her suspicions about the platform with another Instagram post, where she revealed that Instagram cited violated community guidelines as means for removal.

Saying that the exact guidelines that were violated were unclear, she stated that:

Obviously the truth is making many people scared.

Husband chips in

Ms Ahmad’s husband, Mr Fazley Yaakob helped spread his wife’s message, with an addendum of his own.

Rather incredibly, Mr Fazley was matchmade with Ms Ahmad by Mdm Rosmah. However, she had second thoughts about the pairing after consulting with her “witch doctors”.

Here he is receiving an ice-cold handshake from his unwilling mother-in-law:

Ms Ahmad capped off her post with a message to her mother and adopted father.

One who has been elected into office has powers only at the will of the people … There will come a reckoning when the people will punish you for your trespasses on them.

She capped off her post with a enduring message to Mr Najib, his wife, and all their collaborators:

You reap what you sow, not a penny less and not a penny more. God has answered my family’s prayers.

Allahuakbar, May He have mercy on your black souls. Only He has the power to forgive the lot of you.


The past few days have been a whirlwind of activity for Malaysian politics. There’s probably been enough material for a full-fledged movie. Or even better, a Netflix series.


Featured image from Malaysianchinesenews, Sayangsabah and Imagomy.