Naomi Neo’s Instagram Photoshop

Popular instagram influencer Naomi Neo uploaded an instagram picture, which showed obvious photoshopping of her arm. Not all of her 150,000 followers took well to it. Some responded with amusement, white others started ridiculing her. I found it strange that people could get worked up about such an issue.

Some of the comments included:

nxndy20: photoshop fail

wnnyhrtm: liquify? lol

cream_of_the_cookie: so bad sia at least she tried


oohgiggity: Hahahahahahhaa photoshop queen

Others defended her by saying:

jolene_oh_: So @joshthebossss she can do what she want

limhx_: Eh people stop it u giuyz isnt perfect at all so y u all wanna judge urh? Its like if she rly photoshop so wat?? Its like dun tell me u all nvr Photoshop before?

Naomi Neo’s Response

Naomi hit back at her haters by saying:

“I don’t know how is it called “exposing” when I’ve already admitted it on my blog countless times that I do edit my photos. What’s wrong with wanting to look good or better? It has nothing gotta do with my self esteem issues, more like it’s normal to just want to look better. It’s 2014 for god’s sake! See, that’s the thing about our society. You keyboard warriors spend days and nights stalking people you claim to “hate,” put in a crazy amount of effort just to hurt others with your mindless, crude remarks and impudent behavior which is totally uncalled for.

If you’ve so much time on your hands, use it to think about how you can make the world a better place.”

You can view the original instagram picture here, which Naomi has not deleted. She also did not delete the negative comments.

Kudos to you Naomi!

Top picture by Naomi Neo