British Food Show Teaches Viewers About Singapore Food By Making Nasi Lemak, Chicken Rice


British People Cook Singapore Food

Don’t you just love it when ang mohs eat our homegrown food, and love it?

Immensely popular YouTube channel SORTEDfood just released a new additions to their long list of food videos — and Singaporeans are going crazy.

In the first nearly 8-minute-long video, the 4 British chefs that helm the show make our local dish nasi lemak the subject of their week’s cooking adventures.

Watch it here:

In the second video, which lasts more than 11 minutes, the chefs turn their attention to making Hainanese Chicken Rice:

Singapore Week


The shows were part of Singapore Week, which features our cuisine to their massive base of subscribers.

The guys were full of praise about Singapore, calling our food an “amazing blend of Chinese, Indian, Malay and Portuguese flavours”. They even raved over our “amazing and unique cuisine”.

While we cannot figure out where they got the Portuguese flavours from, it’s still heartwarming to hear that our food is being appreciated by people thousands of miles away.

Nasi Lemak

To get Singapore Week started, the 4 men decided to prepare nasi lemak. Introducing it as a Malaysian dish that is popular in Singapore, they urged Singaporeans to go online to give them suggestions as to how to prepare the delicacy.


They initially had trouble pronouncing Lemak, calling it Lay-mack, but that’s okay guys.

They also explained the culture behind the dish, describing it as a quintessential feature of Malay cuisine.


Taking on one netizen’s suggestion over Twitter, they decided to add Pandan leaves to the rice to make it more aromatic and add a touch of flavour.


Their final product was quite impressive though, though it looked a bit more atas than the traditional hawker centre nasi lemak that we normally see.


No Chicken?

If you are a true nasi lemak fanatic, you would have noticed that the classic fried chicken wing is missing from the ensemble. Although many netizens suggested the use of chicken, the team decided that this being a “breakfast” dish, would be better off with the healthier alternative — eggs.

The group were also more than happy to dig into their rendition of nasi lemak.


Singapore Boleh

Food aside, the show even shared a few fun facts about our little red dot that even us Singaporeans may not know, like the fact that Singapore has a larger diversity of tree species than North America, or that our airports have the largest CCTV system in the world.

It is a proud moment when you hear of your small nation being praised elsewhere. These kinds of shows not only focus on the dish but also on its origins and culture are extremely helpful in forging multiculturalism across the globe.

To catch more of their Singapore Week episodes, you can camp out on their YouTube Channel.

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