Malaysian Slams Singapore’s Rice-less Nasi Lemak Burger, Netizens’ Reply Is Brutal


Singapore’s Nasi Lemak Burger Has No Rice, But Neither Does Malaysia’s Nasi Lemak Ice Cream

If you don’t already know, McDonald’s launched a nasi lemak burger last Thursday (July 13) among several other new items inspired by local favourites in conjunction with the Singapore Food Festival 2017.

The burger consists of a coconut-flavoured chicken patty, fried egg, caramelised onions and cucumber slices topped off with sambal chilli between 2 semolina buns.

Reviews so far have been extremely positive as Singaporeans islandwide are absolutely in love with the burger.


“Normal” Nasi Lemak

Here’s nasi lemak is we know it.


Practically the same thing, right?

But Where’s The Rice?

…the rice? It’s just a name, it doesn’t actually have to have r-

No. Where’s The Nasi In Nasi Lemak?

That’s what Malaysian Twitter user Effi Saharudin asked indignantly twice, calling Singaporeans “bodoh” for leaving out the rice (“Bodoh” means “stupid” in Malay).



Just An Expression

Mr Effi must have misread the part that said the McDonald’s product is a nasi lemak burger, i.e. it’s a burger that’s inspired by nasi lemak, and not actually nasi lemak itself.

After all, hasn’t he come across food that has names that not accurately correspond to their actual ingredients, e.g. the famous carrot cake that doesn’t contain any actual carrots?


Perhaps Mr Effi might be interested in this article that lists out more misleading food names.

The Replies

You know, never mind. Let’s just look at the replies to Mr Effi’s post, many of which focused on the fact that Malaysians are also “bodoh” enough to have nasi lemak cookies, ice cream, pizza, cake, sushi….





Others thought that the post stemmed from a Malaysian just not wanting to lose out to Singaporeans.


Translation: “when attacked back, all quiet”


And the icing on the cake:




Expert Opinion

Perhaps we should consult Makansutra chief executive K.F. Seetoh for his opinion on the nasi lemak burger.

Hailed as a “Food Guide Maven” by The New York Times and recognised by then President S R Nathan as “Singapore’s food ambassador”, surely his opinion should take precedence over everyone else’s when it comes to food.

Watch as he defends McDonald’s nasi lemak burger as the-

Oh. Never mind.

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