NDP 2017 Logo Looks Similar To Those On Icon Site, And Was Inspired By Old $10 Note


NDP 2017 Logo Isn’t Exactly A Fresh Concept

This year’s logo for the National Day Parade (NDP) seems straightforward enough.


Four hands clasping at each other, signifying our nation’s strength, unity and racial harmony. Let’s not speak about the NDP 2017 emoji that doesn’t make sense though.

Similar Logos

However, if you think the concept of the logo is a fresh, exciting one, it’s not.

In fact, this concept has been thought of numerous times — similar logos can be found on various stock vector sites:



And these designs were published over one year ago.


According to the NDP committee, the meaning behind the logo runs deeper than that.

Note-worthy Logo

The image of four arms interlocking each other actually appeared on Singapore’s first $10 Orchid series note, launched in 1967.


We flipped over the NDP 2017 logo and superimposed it on the note so you can get a clearer look at the simiarities:


Say the organisers about the NDP 2017 logo:

The intertwined hands symbolise Singaporeans from all walks of life setting aside their differences, and coming together with the conviction of building a better Singapore of tomorrow. It also reflects the important role that racial harmony has played in our 52 years of nation building.

Red and white were chosen as the two primary colours, because, well, do we really need an explanation they’re Singapore’s national colors.

Red is the primary colour of the logo, reflecting our celebratory mood as we commemorate Singapore’s 52nd year of independence. It also represents the unwavering determination and passion of our people. The white in the logo symbolises the everlasting purity and virtue of our nation.

And for those who still haven’t noticed it, there is a silhouette of our island right smack in the middle of the four fists.

The image of our island, nestled in the centre of the four hands, represents the special place that Singapore will hold in the hearts of all Singaporeans.

Making A Hash Of It

This year is the first time a hashtag has been incorporated into the NDP logo as well. While the hash symbol (#) was meant to encourage Singaporeans to “share the rally call through social media”, it also symbolises 2 icons of our culture.


Firstly, it (again) reminds the NDP committee Singaporeans of the iconic $10 Orchid series note, which represents our country’s “strength in social unity and multicultural harmony”.


And secondly, it reminds Singaporeans of home; in particular, the start of the unit number for flat-dwelling or condo-dwelling Singaporeans.


We’re not kidding. The organisers felt the hash symbol was a familiar feature in our country, thus making it “synonymous with the idea of home”.


It’s safe to assume that this year’s NDP branding revolves heavily around the design of a $10 note that originated from the 60s.

The Orchid Series of currency notes was the first to be in circulation, and it’s no surprise that a few enterprising Singaporeans have recognised its value. A cursory search on Carousell shows that the notes are being sold from as little as $20 to a few hundred dollars.

Purchasing old notes for multiple times its legal tender value might seem bizarre for some, but one thing’s for sure though — this year’s NDP will likely cost a ton too.

Check out our video to see exactly how much previous NDPs have cost:

Featured images from ndp.org.sg, ndp.org.sg and flaticon




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