LGBT Site Produces Singapore’s First NDP Video With Openly Gay People In It

It’s 2 days to National Day, and ’tis the season for patriotic videos galore.

A few media outlets/websites have produced NDP videos, hoping to fill in the void left by the video of the official NDP theme song, which was coldly received.

LGBT website Dear Straight People has also done a video, but with a twist — it’s probably the first National Day video that predominantly features openly gay people in it.

Check out the video here:

LGBT Individuals

What’s so remarkable about the video is that the website portrays gay people in all aspects — from the visually stunning sight of a drag queen in full drag sipping kopi at a kopitiam to a gay couple just living their lives like the normal people they should be regarded as.

All this to the strains of popular National Day song, “Home”, sung by local singer-songwriter LEW.

Here are some of the people who appear in the video.

1. LEW


The up-and-coming local singer is only 19, but already has a track that made it on the Singapore Viral 50 charts.


He’s been singing since he was 12, and is also multi-talented — he also plays the piano, drums, and guitar.

Though he was born in Hong Kong, his parents are Singaporean and he has done his national service in Singapore — so that qualifies him to sing a National Day song.

More interestingly, he identifies as bisexual.

2. NORIStar

The undoubted star of the video is drag queen NORIStar, whom we see putting on makeup and dressing up, just to take a lift from his HDB flat to head to a kopitiam for a cup of kopi.


His flamboyant sashay down the lift and across the HDB heartland is a sight to behold.


His real name is Norisman Mustafa, and the 40-year-old is such a famous drag performer that he was even featured in The Straits Times.

Read more about NORIStar here.

3. A Normal Family

There’s also footage of a normal couple eating chicken rice. It’s an intimate scene that involves one half of the couple feeding the other.


The guy with glasses is female-to-male transgender Alexander Teh, who at 21 years old leads one of Singapore’s largest trans social groups.

The couple then proceed to a flat, where they are welcomed by their “father”. The trio then proceed to watch television, a mundane act indeed.

The “father” is played by former Raffles Institution teacher Otto Fong, who caused a stir when he came out publicly while still teaching at the school.


We think the sequence shows that gay/transgender people live normal lives like the rest of us, i.e. not all of them are drag queens and promiscuous party animals.

4. A Loving Mother

Another notable individual in the video is Dr Khoo Hoon Eng, whose 2 sons are gay.


Here’s a video that Dear Straight People did of her for Mother’s Day:

Being Visible

For the longest time, National Day videos featured happy people and heterosexual families, but members of the LGBT community have always been invisible.

So we think that it’s about time that LGBT people are featured in a National Day video — to remind people that LGBT people are also normal Singaporeans who contribute to society and deserve to be seen.

Perhaps it will go some way towards the acceptance of the existance of LGBT people in our society — and that’s why this video is titled: “Regardless of race, language, religion, gender & sexuality.”

For another unofficial NDP video, read our story about the unofficial NDP theme song that went viral.

Featured images from YouTube