Netflix will finally be available in Singapore come early 2016

You read that right. Netflix is coming.

The younger generation of Singaporeans have a habit of staring into their laptop screens or other personal gadgets more often than they watch the television. One of the many reasons for this is because what is being shown on television isn’t particularly the kind of shows the younger generation fancy.

The younger generation now favours foreign content more than local content.

American, or British content, to be precise.

That’s where Netflix comes in.

What is Netflix?

Netflix is an American-based internet-streaming media platform that’s available in the United States, some parts in the United Kingdom and Australia. Netflix is now venturing into Asia, entering Singapore, South Korea, Hong Kong, and Taiwan.

Before being known as an online streaming media platform, Netflix started out by selling DVDs-by-mail in the US with over 100,000 titles on DVD only after 6 years of starting out.



Apart from simply being a streaming platform, Netflix has also ventured into TV series production. And because they aren’t subject to primetime TV censorship, Netflix original programming tend to have more controversial subject matter.


Don’t be silly, Netflix isn’t free. Users have to pay a monthly subscription fee to stream their online content.

Netflix is a huge craze everywhere else in the world, because users are able to watch all their favourite shows and movies on demand at an affordable price. This entices Singaporeans a great deal, because a handful of us over here follow the lifestyle of Americans more than our own.

In fact, Netflix is so popular, it has given rise to the phrase ‘Netflix and chill’ — a phrase we’ll let you Google on your own.

But don’t get your hopes up

According to TwentyFirstTech, the Singaporean Netflix will feature “a curated selection of TV shows and films”. This probably means some of their more ‘out-there’ programs won’t be available here. Besides, The Straits Times suggests that “Netflix will likely be working closely with the Media Development Authority (MDA) in classifying its content”.

For example, some adjustments will probably have to be made for Netflix original series Orange Is The New Black — which features “alternative lifestyles” — for the series to even be available here.

This just negates the entire idea of Netflix then, doesn’t it?


Minus all the uncensored TV shows and movies in their repertoire, Netflix Singapore will probably just be something similar to existing Cable. What’s the point?

Netflix and Chill?

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Featured image via Wikimedia, Netflix
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