Singapore is already #3 on the list of top sleep-deprived cities

Channel NewsAsia recently ran a report saying that 4 in 10 lower primary school students show signs of sleep deprivation. Some of the telltale signs of sleep deprivation in children include:

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We here at MSN are guilty of the last two points too, but does anyone even wake up this way?

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Don’t kid yourself.

Reactions from netizens

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1. “Are you guys dumb?”

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2. What is a childhood?

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3. Mr. Practical

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4. “Ban tuition!!!”

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5. “Don’t you dare only blame MOE”

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Very good point however.

6. The mathematician

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Sounds legit.

7. “I don’t give my kid any CCA”

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Because Singaporean parents are kiasu. Join more activities the merrier. Good for portfolio anyway, right?

8. The hidden truth?

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It’s all about the rat race

The original Facebook post by Talking Point asked if sleep deprivation were caused by “school-related activities – or tech distractions”. However, we also wonder if it’s also due to a culture of needing to join as many enrichment activities in order to stay on top, and ahead of their peers.

Tune in to this “Sleepless in Singapore’ discussion at 9.30pm live on Channel 5 tonight (March 17) to follow up.

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With reference to Talking Point, Channel NewsAsia