7 New Attractions Opening In Singapore In 2017


New Attractions In 2017

If you have no money to go overseas for holiday, live it up like a tourist in Singapore.

Be it facing your fears on the high elements to visiting a quaint art museum and luscious park, a host of attractions will be opening this year right on this island.

Here are 7 new attractions opening in 2017.

1. AJ Hackett Sentosa

A new iconic attraction is being built on everyone’s favourite leisure island that’ll make you jump for joy — and also off a tower.

Siloso Beach will be home to Singapore’s first-ever 50m-tall bungee tower.

It’ll be accompanied by several new activities that will make even the most hardcore of adrenaline junkies lick their lips in anticipation.


Bungee Jump

As mentioned earlier, take a leap of faith off the 50-tall structure — but there’s more than one way to jump.

AJ Hackett’s bungee jump offers more than 20 ways to jump, enticing you to jump again — if you survive the first one, that is.


Giant Swing

If you’re the competitive sort, challenge your friends to a race on the Giant Swing.

There are 2 giant swings side-by-side that can carry up to 3 people each and reach up to speeds of 120kmh.

Not recommended for those of you who just had a heavy meal — lest you merlion on the unsuspecting beach-goers below.


Vertical Skywalk

Experience what it’s like to be an elite Special Operations Force trooper as you James Bond your way down from a height of 44m via the beach side shaft of the tower.

Up to 3 people can attempt this at the same time, with each run lasting for 5 minutes.



Enjoy a stroll along the 47m-high bridge and soak in the magnificent view of Sentosa.

Although the bridge is exposed, it is safe and no harnessing system is required, so you can set your mind at ease.

The Skybridge will provide a less challenging alternative to the attractions listed above — allowing people of all ages to have their fair share of thrills.


According to AJ Hackett Sentosa’s Facebook page, the opening date of the attraction is still unconfirmed at this stage, as construction is still under way.

2. Parkview Museum

If you’re not the sporty type and too lazy to make a trip to Sentosa, maybe you’d find a trip to a new art museum in town more intriguing.

An art space will soon be opening in Bugis in Parkview Square (600 North Bridge Road) — Singapore’s very own Gotham City.

With a 7m-tall ceiling and an unobstructed space, this museum has the potential to feature massive installations — just like this one:


The Parkview Museum will be opening with a global travelling art exhibition “On Sharks & Humanity” from March 9 to June 26, and admission will be FREE.


It will open from 11am – 7pm daily, and is located at the building’s courtyard and level 3.

3. Our Tampines Hub

Easties, rejoice! Our Tampines Hub, Singapore’s first-ever integrated community and lifestyle hub, will be fully completed this year.

Phase 1 of the project was launched late last year, which includes a 40-stall mega hawker centre that seats 800,  sports hall, childcare centre with 180 vacancies and over 200,000 sq feet of shopping heaven. 

Phases 2 and 3 will have a bowling centre, 24/7 gym, karaoke facility, regional library, six rooftop swimming pools and 5,000-seat stadium.

Here’s the layout of the hub:


Phases 2 and 3 are expected to be launched in March and June respectively.

4. Marina One

Marina One, deemed a “momentous collaboration” between Singapore and Malaysia, is a visually stunning mixed-use development that incorporates residential, commercial and lifestyle activities. It will have 2 residential towers, 1 office tower and 1 retail tower.


The most striking thing about this project is the Green Heart, a public vertical garden right smack in the middle of the 4 towers where people can spend time basking in the lush greenery of rooftop gardens and 13m waterfalls.


According to SgProperty, the development is designed by renowned architect Christoph Ingenhoven, who is known for his green and sustainable buildings. He was the man behind Google’s headquarters in Mountain View, California.

The development at 21 & 23 Marina Way is expected to open in the first half of this year.

Take a fly-through Marina One and marvel at its visually stunning design in this video:


5. Ethnobotany Garden

This year promises to be a good one for nature lovers, as besides Marina One’s Green Heart, a new Ethnobotany Garden is being developed for their pleasure, this time at the Singapore Botanical Gardens.

The new garden, the first of its kind in Singapore, will have an area of approximately 1 hectare, and is expected to open in late 2017.

It will house “Asia’s largest collection of economic, medicinal and ethnobotanical plants” that are used by indigenous cultures in South-east Asia”, according to Channel NewsAsia.


Those who want to learn more can attend a myriad of learning journeys, workshops and guided tours on the uses and importance of such South-east Asian flora.


Upon completion, the garden will have 4 different segments, where plants will be categorized according to their uses — craft and construction, domestic, medicinal and spiritual.

Here’s an artist’s impression of the medicinal zone of the garden:


The new ethnobotany garden will further strengthen Singapore’s position as a “garden city”.

6. Dover Street Market

Dover Street Market (DSM) is a prestigious and popular fashion retail store with an edgy concept that originated from London.

DSM Singapore will be the flagship store in South-east Asia.

Their online web shop is already “live”, with a selection of goods available for purchase. It says the brick-and-mortar store will open in July:


The store primarily markets Comme des Garçons stock along with other complementary brands such as Tiffany & Co., Louis Vuitton and Alexander Wang.

Take a look at some of the DSM stores in other cities across the world for an idea of what you can expect when it lands in Singapore:




7. Changi Airport Terminal 4

The world’s best airport is about to get even better with the introduction of its newest terminal, Terminal 4, which is scheduled to open in the 2nd half of the year.

It’ll be the first terminal to have innovative measures such as facial recognition, self-service check-in, self-bag tagging and automated baggage drop — allowing you more time to shop til you drop in this duty-free retail haven.


Just like the other terminals, T4’s interior is aesthetically pleasing and posh.

It’s shopping area will also be done up to look like a heritage icon — a traditional Peranakan shophouse.


Here’s a sneak peek of what’s to come:


For a more comprehensive coverage, read our story on Terminal 4.

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New Attractions Coming To Singapore

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