These new faces may be your next Members of Parliament

Earlier this week (13 July), Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong sent shockwaves when he revealed the unexpected news that the first formal steps toward General Election had already took place — the Electoral Boundaries Review Committee (EBRC) was already formed two months ago.

The Opposition parties in Singapore were livid at the news, and were united in attacking PM Lee’s action in keeping the formation of the EBRC under wraps for two months.

In the grander scheme of things, the formation of the EBRC signals the eventuality of the General Elections, and every GE brings new candidates through the ranks.

In the last GE, PAP’s new candidates Tan Chuan-Jin, Chan Chun Sing, Heng Swee Keat, and Lawrence Wong were elected into parliament, and all four become Ministers.

Chen Show Mao from the Workers’ Party (WP), on the other hand, scored an unprecedented victory in the Aljunied GRC.

Nicole Seah and Vincent Wijeysingha from the National Solidarity Party (NSP) and the Singapore Democratic Party (SDP) respectively might have failed in their election bid, but managed to capture voters’ hearts.

MustShareNews identifies 20 potential candidates from the contesting political parties that you must keep a look out for in the coming GE.

People’s Action Party

1. Henry Kwek


Political Party: People’s Action Party

Henry Kwek is currently a managing partner of  the Ando Capital and the Executive Director of Foodtraco Supplies.

The businessman was most recently spotted carrying out his grassroots activities at the Ang Mo Kio GRC with Inderjit Singh.

Despite a relatively low profile in the media, Mr Kwek is active on the ground, buying ice cream and shaking hands.


With a friendly and warm smile, Mr Kwek will be a notable candidate if fielded in the coming GE.

2. Desmond Choo


Political Party: People’s Action Party

If there is anybody on this list worthy to be tagged as a politician with a “never give up” attitude — it will be Desmond Choo. Despite experiencing defeats in two elections, the Deputy Director of the Industrial Relations Unit at the National Trades Union Congress (NTUC) hasn’t left politics yet.

Mr Choo’s first defeat was against Workers’ Party’s (WP) Yaw Shin Leong in the Hougang SMC in the 2011 General Election. Mr Yaw resigned from the WP and vacated the Hougang SMC seat after allegations of extra-marital affairs.

A by-election for Hougang was called, Mr Choo contested and lost again, this time to WP’s Png Eng Huat.

The pain of losing twice is hard to take……


but the PAP man continued serving residents of Hougang at the grassroots level.

Mr Choo eventually moved on to greener pastures at the Tampines GRC in 2014. Choo is a likely contestant in the coming General Election and will most likely be competing in the Tampines GRC as a replacement candidate for the outgoing former Minister Mah Bow Tan.

3. Ong Ye Kung


Political Party: People’s Action Party

Ong Ye Kung is currently the Director of Group Strategy at Keppel Corporation in Singapore.

At the previous 2011 General Election, Mr Ong was part of the People’s Action Party (PAP) team that lost to the Worker’s Party (WP). After the loss, Mr Ong was the only member of the 5-man team to stay in Aljunied, continuing to serve as a grassroots leader.

Mr Ong left Aljunied GRC last year and continued his grassroots activities in Sembawang GRC.

Back in 2011, Ong was touted as a potential office-holder, but the failure to be elected left his potential unfulfilled.

4 years later, Mr Ong is still involved in politics, and is definitely a potential candidate to be fielded by the PAP in the Sembawang GRC in the coming General Election.

4. Koh Poh Koon


Political Party: People’s Action Party

A colorectal surgeon by training, Dr Koh Poh Koon entered the political arena during the Punggol East SMC 2012 by-election.

Initially a PAP seat, the Punggol East SMC vacated after the incumbent Member of Parliament (MP), Michael Palmer stepped down after allegations of an extra-marital affair.

Dr Koh was fielded as the PAP candidate for the Punggol East SMC, but lost the by-election to WP’s Lee Li Lian.

After the loss, Dr Koh stayed in politics and served the residents of Punggol East on the grassroots level, and was eventually appointed as the Chairman-designate of the PAP branch of Punggol East in 2013.

With his continued efforts of serving the residents of Punggol East, Dr Koh is expected to be fielded in the Punggol East SMC, potentially leading to a rematch between Dr Koh and the WP incumbent, Ms Lee.

Source, Source

5. Victor Lye


Political Party: People’s Action Party

Victor Lye is a grassroot veteran, serving the residents of the Aljunied since the 1990s.

Mr Lye is also currently the CEO of Shenton Insurance Pte Ltd and the Chairman of the PAP branch at Bedok Reservoir — situated within Aljunied GRC.

Since the loss of the Aljunied GRC to WP, the Bedok Reservoir Chairman has been working harder than ever to reclaim the seat for the PAP.

Mr Lye’s rally and walkabouts in the Aljunied GRC were all done in full white — the standard attire of the PAP.


Mr Lye also takes it upon himself to do battle with the WP — the veteran grass-roots leader also speaks out against his opposite numbers.

With Mr Lye’s wealth of experience in the Aljunied GRC and his passion in serving the residents, we expect Mr Lye to be a likely candidate for the PAP in the coming General Election — in fact, Mr Lye could even be a potential leader to lead the PAP team in Aljunied.

6. Amrin Amin


Political Party: People’s Action Party

Amrin Amin is a lawyer who specialises in corporate law, and is a Partner of Asia Practice LLP.

In 2014, the boyish-faced lawyer made his media entrance as a potential PAP candidate in a ceremony that unveiled a new integrated “kampung” development living space at Admiralty.

You can tell that a potential candidate is highly rated, with a Straits Times article and a segment on the news dedicated in reporting his entry into politics.

Mr Armin was also endorsed by Senior Parliamentary Secretary Hawazi Daipi, MP for Sembawang GRC.

I look at Amrin as someone who has the potential to be a candidate, but it depends very much on him and whether the party assesses that he can do the job in serving the community and Singapore.

– MP Hawazi Daipi

Mr Armin’s most recent appearance was with Minister Shanmugam on 15 July. They recognised the effort of Muhammad Hanafie Ali Mahmood aka “Elfy” who stood up against an ang moh bully on the Singapore Mass Rapid Transit (SMRT) last week.

MustShareNews have done an exclusive interview with Amrin Amin after he is confirmed to be contesting in the coming General Election at the Sembawang GRC today (14 August).

National Solidarity Party

7. Kevryn Lim


Political Party: National Solidarity Party

Kevryn Lim has been making waves in the political scene of Singapore — because she’s a female, she’s young, she’s smart, and she’s chio.

Ms Lim currently runs her own events management and digital marketing company, and is an active volunteer with the National Solidarity Party (NSP).

According to Sebastian Teo, the President of the NSP, Ms Lim is currently a volunteer in the party’s Youth Wing and is in charge of the party’s communication such as the main website and the Facebook page.

Although Mr Teo refused to disclose whether we will be seeing Ms Lim in the coming General Election, it is pretty evident that she will standing as candidate judging from her large number of walkabouts, and that her presentable looks image.


You can read on the 10 things about Ms Lim that you need to know on another article.

MustShareNews conducted a personal interview with Ms Lim on another article.

Singaporeans First

8. Fatimah Akthar


Political Party: Singaporeans First

Fatimah Akthar is an architect in training, and is also seriously well-traveled and well-learnt, having lived and worked in 11 countries.

Ms Fatimah is an assistant treasurer in the Singaporeans First (SingFirst) party. Prior to her membership in SingFirst, the architect was in the central executive committee of the Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) in Singapore.

Although little is known about Ms Fatimah’s status with regards to her participation in the coming General Election, we note that Ms Fatimah is quite a vocal politician as well.

She gave a lengthy speech at this year’s edition of the May Day protest at the Hong Lim Park.

Here is a TL;DR excerpt of the video:

– Sharing her personal negative experience with NTUC

– Questioning the effectiveness of the NTUC

– Highlight the need for an independent body to conduct the investigation regarding accusations of discrimination against Singaporean workers

– The PAP government is not fit to rule Singapore

Ms Fatimah is definitely a candidate to look out for in the coming General Election.

9. Tan Peng Ann


Political Party: Singaporeans First

You are forgiven if you think Tan Peng Ann does not belong to this list simply because he is old. However, the 66-year-old is a political newbie and will be contesting his first election in the coming General Election if chosen.

The retired army colonel is currently a social entrepreneur, running a Cambodia-based social enterprise since 2014. Aside from helping Cambodians, Mr Tan is now also looking to contribute to Singapore by joining SingFirst.

Although Mr Tan has been a PAP supporter for much of his life, he came to realise the importance of having credible alternatives and ideas after feeling that the PAP government has been complacent in recent times.

When approached by the founders of SingFirst, Mr Tan took up the opportunity to be an alternative voice in Singapore. Mr Tan is currently the Vice-President of SingFirst, and the 66-year-old is relatively certain on contesting in the coming Election.

Workers’ Party

10. Daniel PS Goh


Political Party: Worker’s Party

Daniel Goh is probably the most high profile opposition candidate in this list. Aside from being the President for the WP’s Youth Party Wing, Mr Goh is also an Associate Professor for Sociology in the National University of Singapore (NUS) — no, we’re not joking.

Recently (13 July), Assc Prof Goh gave Singaporeans a free-of-charge Sociology lesson when he defended Minister Tan Chuan Jin with regards to the cardboard collectors episode, by stating that Minister Tan merely committed some basic sociological errors.

Although the coming General Election will be Assc Prof Goh’s first, the Sociologist gave his first rally during the Punggol-East SMC by- election in 2013 when he introduced himself.

He actually did a very very good job in doing so.

At 0:36 – 0:46 of the video:

My students calls me Dr Goh not Dr Koh [in reference to Dr Koh Poh Koon, the PAP candidate in the Punggol East 2013 by-election], professor or Prof. My friends call me, Daniel. So please call me, Daniel.

– Daniel Goh

Apart from being an impressively natural speaker, Assc Prof Goh writes as well, you can find his musings and ideas on his very own website.

Assc Prof Goh is definitely one candidate we will expect to see in the coming General Election.

11. Dennis Tan

Profile of Dennis Tan from DennisMathiew Advocates & Solicitors, A Singapore Law FirmSource

Political Party: Workers’ Party

Dennis Tan is a lawyer by training and is currently the Vice Chairman of the Media Team in the WP.

Mr Tan started volunteering with the Workers’ Party in the 2011 General Elections after being frustrated about the future of Singapore. He helped out with the party’s campaign in the Joo Chiat SMC — where WP’s Yee Jenn Jong lost by a mere 388 votes.

In 2013, Mr Tan was unveiled as a potential WP candidate for the coming election, alongside Daniel Goh.

Like Daniel Goh, Mr Tan has not contested in any General Elections before, but gave a rally speech at the 2013 Punggol East by-election — unlike Assc Prof Goh, Mr Tan’s tone is more aggressive and he spoke in two languages.

Mr Tan is a likely candidate for the WP in the coming General Election, it will be interesting to see how the PAP will deal with Mr Tan’s aggressive tone during the rallies.

12. Leon Perera


Political Party: Workers’ Party

Whoever says Opposition parties in Singapore do not have qualified candidates will be proven completely wrong by Leon Perera.

Mr Perera graduated from the Oxford University with Double First-Class Honours, and was the former assistant head of the Economic Development Board’s (EDB) Enterprise Development Division. Today, Mr Perera is the Chief Executive Officer of research and consulting firm Spire Group.

According to Prof Eugene Tan from the Singapore Management University (SMU), who was also Mr Perera’s classmates in Junior College, Mr Perera was politically informed about Singapore’s politics since he was a student.

Leon has always been politically conscious and has very strong ideas about government and politics in Singapore.

– Prof Eugene Tan

Although Mr Perera has not given any rally speeches so far, we reckon that the time may finally be ripe for Mr Perera to contest in the coming General Election.

Singapore People’s Party

13. Loke Hoe Yeong


Political Party: Singapore People’s Party

If you’re wondering why Loke Hoe Yeong sounds so familiar to you, you have probably read his book —


Thats right, Mr Loke is the biographer of Chiam See Tong’s biography titled “Let the People Have Him“.

Mr Loke is only 31-years-old but he already held the position of Assistant Secretary General in the Singapore People’s Party (SPP) since 2014.

Mr Loke is currently an Associate fellow at the European Union Centre, and he plays the violin as well — move aside Deputy Prime Minister Teo Chee Hean and Minister Lawrence Wong.


The SPP is keeping mum about Mr Loke’s prospect in contesting for the coming General Election, but we think that he will be a likely candidate and he will not be a simple candidate to contest against — he speaks and represents the SPP in International Forums.


14. Adeline Chan


Political Party: Singapore People’s Party

Adeline Chan is currently the Organising Secretary of the SPP as well as a human resource consultant.

Incidentally, she also manages the Facebook accoutn for the SPP, which is not surprising since she writes a pretty readable blog.

She was introduced by the SPP as a potential candidate in 2014.

The SPP is pretty quiet about their new potential candidates, and Ms Chan seems to be missing in most of the walkabouts of the SPP. Judging from the photos, it remains unknown if she will be a contestant in the coming General Election.

Singapore Democratic Party

15. Paul Tambyah


Political Party: Singapore Democratic Party

Prof Paul Tambyah is yet another well-qualified candidate in this list — he is a Professor in the Department of Medicine in the National University Hospital (NUH).

Although Prof Tambyah has been with the Singapore Democratic Party since 2010, it will be the first time he is contesting if he is selected for the coming General Election.

Nonetheless, Prof Tambyah is not a stranger to delivering speeches — he spoke at an SDP rally during the 2011 General Election.

It seems that the time may finally be ripe for Prof Tambyah to contest in the coming election, the professor told The Straits Times that he intends to run in the coming General Election.

MustShareNews did a personal interview with Prof Tambyah on another interview article. Check it out!

16. Jaslyn Go


Political Party: Singapore Democratic Party

The Assistant Treasurer of the Singapore Democratic Party (SDP), Jaslyn Go, has been a member with the SDP since the 2011 General Election.

Ms Go is  also an entrepreneur, and had a hand in penning Dr Chee Soon Juan’s recent biography, “Teacher, Thinker, Rebel Why? Portraits of Chee Soon Juan“.

Back in 2011, she was touted as a likely candidate for the SDP, but did not contest. Four year later in 2015, Ms Go is still an active member of the party — the coming election may finally be a breakthrough for her to contest for a seat.

It seems like we will be able to hear more of Ms Go in the coming election.

Singapore Democratic Alliance

17. Aloysius Chan


Political Party: Singapore Democratic Alliance

The SPP may have a 31-years-old Asst. Secretary-General, Loke Hoe Yeong in the ranks, but the Singapore Democratic Alliance (SDA) top that by having a younger Asst. Secretary General — 29-years-old, Aloysius Chan.

Mr Chan is an IT Professional, and he manages his own firm. Despite having a low-profile, Mr Chan is very much involved with the activities of the SDA.

He goes on walkabouts with the SDA….




and represents the SDA at functions.

Mr Chan is a potential successor to Desmond Lim, the party’s leader, and a candidate to look out for in the coming General Election.

18. William Lim


Political Party: Singapore Democratic Alliance

William Lim is currently self-employed and an active member of the SDA.

Mr Lim is a outspoken and vocal politician as well, like Fatimah Akthar, he gave a speech at the 2015 May Day Protest.

Here is a TL;DR excerpt of the speech:

– highlights the conflict of interest between the NTUC and the government

– contradictions may arise with the government policy or cause harm to the employers, if the union represents the labour

– questions the stand of the NTUC;  whether the NTUC is for the employers or the employees

According to the candidate introductory in the party’s website, Mr Lim is described as a politician who is well-versed with the transportation industry.

We can expect the vocal member of SDA to attack the PAP about the Great MRT Breakdown if he is fielded as a candidate in the coming General Election.

Independent Candidates

19. M. Ravi


Political Party: Independent

M. Ravi is perhaps the most controversial candidate we may see in the coming General Election — if he contests.

Mr Ravi is a lawyer by training and was recently suspended from practice over concerns on his mental health.

The lawyer is often outspoken and vocal against the Government of Singapore, and earlier this year ( 2 February), Mr Ravi revealed his intentions, in a hastily called conference, to contest in the coming General Election at the Ang Mo Kio GRC –the ward of Prime Minister Lee Hsieng Loong.

If the two do indeed come head-to-head in the coming General Election, it will definitely be one of the highlights in the election.

Source, Source

20. Tan Lam Siong


Political Party: Independent

Tan Lam Siong is a lawyer by practice, and an independent candidate for the coming General Election.

Prior to annoucing his intention to run as a independent candidate two days ago (14 July), Mr Tan was the Secretary- General of the NSP.

Mr Tan had stepped down from the Secretary General post and quit the party after less than 6 months in the post. He cited incompatibility as the reason for stepping down from the post last month (18 June).

Since then, Mr Tan has been working on a non-partisan community project — Project Awareness — which aims to aid lower income families around Singapore.

Although the lawyer revealed that he had turn down offers from other political parties to compete under their banner in the coming General Election, he added that he may be contesting as an independent candidate.

Mr Tan has set his sights on the Whampoa SMC, where he will be facing off against incumbent PAP Heng Chee How.

The independent candidate cited the lack of interest by other political parties in Whampoa SMC as well as his familiarity with the social issues that the residents of Whampoa face as the reasons behind his decision.

Since the dissolution of the Whampoa SMC, Tan Lam Siong has set his sights on the Potong Pasir SMC  igniting a possible 3-way fight with the Singapore People’s Party and the People’s Action Party, check out MustShareNews’ interviee with Tan Lam Siong about this decision.

The Game Is On

So, there you have it, 20 Potential Candidates that will set the political scene of Singapore on fire with more potential candidates are yet to be unveiled by their respective parties.

With the General Election coming soon and these new candidates readying to walk the ground, all we can say is — The Game Is On.


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