Tampines Regional Library Reopens On Aug 5

Following its relocation to Our Tampines Hub (OTH), the Tampines Regional Library (TRL) is finally opening its doors to the public on Aug 5, after a 2-month hiatus.


According to a report by Channel NewsAsia, library has “a larger space for patrons to read, with more than 400,000 books available”. This increase in size and collection of books is nearly double of what its predecessor could provide.

However, the new library boasts more than just an upgraded space and design. The original TRL was designed to be a “high-tech library” doubling up as a prototype for the National Library Board (NLB) to experiment with new services and ideas.

The current TRL is built with the same goal in mind, with several new features that offer Singaporeans a unique experience. Here are 4 services and facilities that Singaporeans can look forward to at the new TRL.

1. Burn Calories While Reading

In a bid to encourage a healthy lifestyle, the TRL has an exercise bike installed in its health section, with a stand for readers to place their books on.

If an eye break is needed, readers need only look up to marvel at the brand new football pitch which OTH encloses.

You may even get a chance to view S. League matches for free.


2. Free use of 3D printers and video editing software

The Info-Communications Media Development Authority’s (IMDA) PIXEL Labs collaborated with the NLB to open its first lab at the Jurong Regional Library.

Equipped with 3D printers, a green screen as well as video editing software, the lab serves as a space for Singaporeans to tinker and hone their skills.

The library also conducts programmes and workshops for Singaporeans.


The opening of the 2nd PIXEL Labs@NLB be welcomed by those who find the Jurong lab too far.

3. Cooking Studio

If you are a food lover who likes to pick up recipe books from the library to practice at home, you will be pleased to learn that the TRL has a cooking studio for Singaporeans to use.

Classes will be conducted in collaboration with the People’s Association.


4. Reading Spaces Catered For Specific Audiences

With readers coming ranging from children to senior citizens, the TRL has multiple conceptual spaces that cater to the the different age groups.

In the beginning readers section of the library, the layout of the section has been designed to aid parents and young readers in the selection of books.

Rather than the conventional way of displaying the spine of books, the books in this section is arranged to show book covers. This display was chosen because the visuals of the cover would be more appealing and suitable for children who are not able to understand words yet.


Here are some other reading areas:

For those who like to read lying down.

For group discussions.

For those hardworking students.

For storytelling sessions.


We Can’t Wait For It

With so many new features and layouts to choose from, we simply cannot wait to explore TRL ourselves.

In the meantime, here is a quick tour of the library.

The Tampines Regional Library is at:
1 Tampines Walk, #02-01, Our Tampines Hub, Singapore 529684

Featured images from Instagram and Facebook.