We Predict The Events That Will Definitely Happen In Singapore This Year

So January’s almost over and 2018 looks to be well in full swing. Has anything notable happened to you yet?

Even though it’s only been three weeks, some rather interesting things have already happened in Singapore that will make this year unforgettable — and we don’t mean that in a good way.

We need to go back, 2017 was much better.


From the domestic helper that threw a wheelchair out her window to the Shell Oil Theft, and even the flash flood that just took place, 2018 looks to give 2017 a serious run for its money in terms of memorable moments.

So wonder no more as to what this year will bring, we’ve got you covered on that.

Without further ado, MustShareNews presents the 35 things that will definitely happen in Singapore in 2018.

1. The MRT will experience a major issue


And Transport Minister Khaw Boon Wan will mention that it’s a one-off incident and that the trains have been better than ever.

2. The MRT will break down multiple times


Because a “major issue” isn’t enough, the MRT will definitely experience at least one breakdown so major, it will make headlines and launch an investigation. And Mr Khaw will tell us to be patient until the next year, while Singaporeans will call for him and SMRT CEO Desmond Kuek to step down.

3. Somehow, the trains will still be “more reliable”


This may be due to a new survey, or some new way of calculating reliability as devised by LTA. But there will be a news story on how the MRT has improved. And nobody will believe it.

Or more likely, the “major issue” will happen 2 days after this announcement.

4. Random secondary school students will misbehave in school

And their act will be filmed in a grainy vertical video and/or Snapchat which will go viral. Singaporeans will be ashamed of that particular school for 2-3 days.

5. A random Ofo/oBike/Mobike will be destroyed in unique fashion

Which will result in a statement released by their respective companies expressing their utmost concern, but ultimately nothing will really change.

6. More otters will be spotted at random places


Because apparently they’re officially Singaporeans now, just like you and me.

7. A random F&B franchise will suddenly cease operations


Only to miraculously make a return two months later.

8. A fast food restaurant will release a brand new never-before-seen item on the menu


Which will generate hype for about a week or so, before Singaporeans actually try it and get disappointed. The fast food restaurant will apologise and say they will do better for the next batch of items sold. Said item will be removed in two months.

9. A random self-proclaimed influencer will make headlines for a controversial issue

And Singaporeans will jump on the bandwagon while questioning whether he/she can be even considered an influencer.

10. Taxi prices will probably increase even more

Despite somehow losing their customers to Uber and Grab already.

11. Jack Neo will release yet another movie


Which will top local box offices despite not being well-liked by anyone you ask. It may also star Tosh Zhang and his fellow ah boys.

12. A random indie director will release an indie movie which will win an indie award


Singaporeans will only know about the move after it wins an award overseas. A major hoo-ha will be made, which results in a limited release at The Projector, where only 10 people show up to watch it.

13. Tanglin will continue to remain on the air

Which is cool and all, but does anyone still watch TV at this point?

14. A random Singaporean will win a competition overseas

And he/she will be popular for a month before Singaporeans move on.

15. International singers/bands will sell out concerts in minutes


More specifically, these tickets will be sold out extremely quickly, prompting fans to resort to buying them from Carousell at inflated prices. A quick debate on the evils of ticket scalping will happen. The concert promoter will be angry at these scalpers and promise to crack down on them.

The entire episode will be forgotten even before the concert happens.

16. A random Malaysian will make a negative comment against Singapore


Which will spark online rivalry between our countries for at least three days.

17. A random local and non-local will get into a verbal fight on the MRT

The video will go viral, and netizens will bring up how crowded Singapore has become and what a bad job the Government is doing.

18. Another non-local will help out a Singaporean in need


And everyone will praise these non-locals.

19. A random tourist will criticise an aspect of Singapore

Which will result in a majority of Singaporeans uniting against him while a small portion agree and pin the blame on the Government instead.

20. A random tourist will praise an aspect of Singapore

And no one will really talk about it.

21. An aspect of pop culture will be made into a fun run


Because nowadays everything also can become run. And Singaporeans will go for it because the finisher medal is looks cute.

22. Changi Airport will come out top as the best airport in the world again

But Singaporeans will only complain about how expensive ticket prices are.

23. A random nostalgic location will close down to make room for construction


And Singaporeans will be triggered over the Government’s lack of respect for the past despite never having visited said location themselves. One month later, no one will remember the location.

24. Our GST will increase

But what can we do about it?

25. Singapore will come out from surveys as one of the most expensive cities to live in

And Singaporeans will blame the Government for it.

26. A random restaurant staff will be rude to a customer

Resulting in said customer detailing the experience in a really long Facebook post which will lead to the restaurant owner apologising on social media.

27. A random HDB lift will break down

And it will be revealed that the issue had been made known to the town council at least six months prior. The lift will suddenly be fixed over the weekends — at least, we hope so.

28. Random objects will be thrown out of a HDB 


And the culprit will be arrested without any further follow up from mainstream media after that.

29. A random estate will be flooded during the monsoon period


And all Singaporeans will do is make “ponding” references and memes.

30. A politician will say something really absurd about a current affairs issue

Which will result in countless jokes and references in the following months. Said politician will then go on to be promoted.

31. Our next Prime Minister will be revealed


And Singaporeans will be unhappy about it no matter what. Unless #TharmanForPM actually happens. Which it definitely will not.

32. And Singaporeans will still complain about anything no matter what

Admit it, it’s our national hobby.

Your thoughts on our predictions

Do you think any of these predictions will come true? Do you have any predictions of your own?

Join us in December when we look back at this article and see if we truly indeed accurately predicted the future.

Until then, have a great 2018!

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