A Singaporean In Hollywood

Some Singaporean actors may be fine with remaining in Singapore and being famous in our little island.

But other Singaporean actors may not want to settle for Channel 8 shows and Jack Neo movies.

Look at Michelle Chong, for example, who has now directed 3 movies and won an award for her latest one, no matter how dubious the award might be.

Ng Chin Han

With the movie Ghost In The Shell opening in cinemas, we’ll encourage you to look beyond Scarlett Johansson and note a Singaporean made good in Hollywood whom we somehow have managed to overlook — 47-year-old Ng Chin Han.

You might recognise him from the widely mocked Masters of the Sea (1994) which — for all the young ones out there — was the very first full-length English drama series produced in Singapore.


But the Masters Of The Sea star is now far across the sea from Singapore — he has gone much further than we anticipated and is now living the American Dream.

However, thanks to our local cinemas, we can still admire his work in Singapore.

So we compiled a list of Hollywood shows that Ng has been featured in so we won’t forget him:

1. Ghost In The Shell

Ng has a small role in the upcoming show starring Scarlett Johansson.


The film has a lot of action scenes, judging from the trailer:

We don’t know if Ng is going to get any action, but we think he should have done well if he did, as he looks exceptionally fit for his age.

2. The Dark Knight

In one of his biggest and most recognisable roles, Ng was featured in Batman film adaptation The Dark Knight.


He played Lau, Gotham City‘s Chinese mob boss and chief executive of Lau Security Investments Holdings.

Unfortunately, Ng’s character is rather unlikeable in the movie, which only means his acting must be great. However, his Mandarin is pretty spot on.

3. 2012

With its splendid videography and visual effects, disaster movie 2012 was a huge success.

And Ng was also a huge success, playing the heroic role of Tenzin, a Tibetan who saves his family and the main protagonist.


When asked about his experience filming the show at its premiere in Los Angeles, Ng happily replied: “It was unbelievable. I indulged my childhood fantasy of being a action hero in this film so I had to do stuff like cable work and got to dodge things.”

Hopefully, we’ll get to see Ng take on more superhero roles than villain ones in the near future.

4. Contagion

Alongside well-known actors such as Gwyneth Paltrow, Jude Law and Matt Damon, Ng played Sun Feng, a local epidemiologist in the hit blockbuster about the spread of a disease.


He does look really smart in that outfit.

5. Restless

If you’re getting tired of all the action blockbusters Ng seems to be part of, you’ll be glad to note that Ng also acted in a romantic comedy.


He played the role of Dr Lee, doctor to a teenage girl who suffers from cancer.

6. Captain America: The Winter Soldier

And….we’re back to action again, Ng goes from DC to Marvel, with another role as an Asian guy in a big-budget superhero blockbuster.


In The Winter Soldier, Ng played the role of Councilman Yen of the World Security Council.

7. Independence Day: Resurgence


In the sequel to 1996’s Independence Day, Ng acted heroic again as Commander Lau, the man in-charge of the earth’s defence against the attacking aliens and uncle to a fighter pilot played by Chinese actress Angelababy.


Doesn’t he rock the grey hair look?

Unfortunately, (Spoiler Alert) Ng’s character dies quite early into the movie.

8. Arrow


After conquering the Asian guy roles in movies, let’s not forget that Ng has also had roles in American TV shows.

For example, he acted yet another superhero show, Arrow. He played a recurring character in the first season, an ambitious Chinese businessman (again) who was eventually killed (again).

9. Marco Polo

The Emmy-winning and Emmy-nominated TV series Marco Polo was inspired by the early years of, duh, Marco Polo

Ng played the main character Jia Sidao, who was the chancellor to the Song Emperors Huaizong and Duanzong.

Simply put, he played the villain of the show, which is evidently not a surprise.


What’s even more cool is that he actually went through 5 months of kungfu training in order to be fully prepared for this role. Talk about dedication.

10. Fringe

Although he doesn’t have a fringe, Ng appeared in one episode of the famous American science fiction series on Fox network.

Even though he played the small role of a cop called Neil Chung, he sure did a good job. See that gritty, tough stare:


Let’s Appreciate Ng Chin Han

Even as we adore Singaporeans who have made it big overseas like swimmers Joseph Schooling and Quah Zheng Wen, and singer Nathan Hartono, let’s not forget that Ng Chin Han was there first, plying his trade in the US.

Although the roles he played in the US may not be as big as the ones he could have played had he stayed in Singapore, his bravery in going out there and achievements in actually appearing in huge productions have to be applauded.

Singaporeans may not see him as much as we see our Channel 8 artists, but he’s equally deserving of our attention.

Featured image from zimbio