$30,000 by this Wednesday and subsequently $150,000 over 17 years

The lawyers representing Roy Ngerng and Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong have reached an agreement during a hearing in court today (14 Mar).

Ngerng is a Singaporean activist and a blogger who started his own sociopolitical blog.

In 2014, he was charged with defaming PM Lee in his post “Where Your CPF Money Is Going: Learning From The City Harvest Trial”, where he alluded that the Prime Minister and other government organisations were misappropriating the public’s Central Provident Fund (CPF) funds.

Ngerng’s lawyer, Eugene Thuraisingam told Today Online that both parties have agreed that Mr Ngerng will have to pay $30,000 for the cost of the hearing by this Wednesday.

From April onwards, he has to pay $100 every month for the first five years and $1000 for the next 12 years. If he pays up promptly, there will be no incurred interest.

Crowdfunding for Roy Ngerng’s legal fees

After reaching a common agreement, Ngerng took to Facebook to express his afterthoughts.

In his Facebook post, he spoke about the total amount he has to pay — $150,000 for defamation and $30,000 for the cost of hearing.

He expressed his gratitude to his lawyer Mr Thuraisingam, who worked on the case pro bono and was thankful that PM Lee has agreed to this arrangement.

He was also glad that his controversial blog post got people talking and enhancements have been made to the CPF system.

He is currently a freelance photographer, and wishes to start life afresh by looking for a job.

On top of that, he is seeking help from the public and hopes that they can show him support in the form of monetary contributions.

Meanwhile, PM Lee is just glad that it’s Pi Day

PM Lee posted a Facebook dedication to commemorate Pi Day, almost around the same time when Roy Ngerng posted his thoughts on his Facebook account.

While all the Mathematics enthusiasts geek out over the very special Pi Day, which so happens to be on 14 Mar (3.14.2016), Roy Ngerng will be busy calculating the $30,000 due this Wednesday.


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Featured image via My Singapore News, Anyhow Hantam
With Reference to Wikipedia, Today