Nicole Seah Is Back In Singapore And Still Loves Cats — And Dogs: Where Are They Now, Part 4


Nicole Seah Today

It’s been years since Nicole Seah’s departure from the National Solidarity Party and the political scene in general, since she was the youngest politician to run in the 2011 General Election.

But her fans shall not be left behind — we’re determined to find out what she’s been up to as of late, almost two years after we first ran a story on what she has been doing. Read our previous story about what Nicole Seah is up to.

After looking through her various social media platforms (which are still active, by the way), we’ve conjured up 10 things about the life of the political “rock star” today.

1. She’s Working At VML

VML is a contemporary marketing agency that is prominent in more than 10 countries, one of them being Singapore.

In fact, Nicole Seah has been VML’s Senior Channels Strategist since December 2015. Since she has a degree in Communications and New Media from NUS, it’s apt that her job is along the same field, even though we may miss her in the political arena.

nicole seah job


2. Her LinkedIn Profile Is Power

If you didn’t already know, LinkedIn actually gives awards to its most-viewed marketers in Singapore.

And surprise surprise (not), Nicole was named one of LinkedIn’s Power Profiles in 2016. That shows that Singaporeans still have a keen interest in her:

linkedin nicole seah


Just look at how happy she is to get the award!
nicole seah linkedin


3. She Got Married

In August 2015, Nicole got married to a handsome guy named Bryan!

nicole seah married


nicole seah married


nicole seah married


To all her fans out there, we can hear all your hearts breaking. She makes a beautiful bride, though:

nicole seah married


4. She’s Obsessed With Cats

A quick scroll through her Instagram profile shows one very prominent characteristic about Nicole — she still loves cats.

nicole seah cats

In fact, Seah and her husband help to foster rescued cats before they are put up for adoption:

Goodbye no. 1 and no. 2, we will miss you loads. Fostering is tough 😭😭😭

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5. She Loves Dogs Too

Do you like cats or dogs more? Evidently, for Nicole, this doesn’t matter, as she apparently loves dogs too.

Family. 🐱🐱🐶

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6. She Bakes Beautiful Kueh

We all have our favourite Peranakan kueh that is dear to us, but most of us can’t make them. They require a lot of time and patience but may be therapeutic to some, like Nicole.

Just recently, she’s been posting more and more of her kueh creations that look absolutely droolsome.

nicole seah baking


nicole seah baking


nicole seah baking


7. She Loves Her Ah Kong

Through her Facebook posts, it’s clear that Nicole and her Ah Kong had a really close relationship.

In fact, she’s been sharing some of his stories online, and they are extremely touching. We highly recommend that everyone reads them, too.

A 70 year-long love story, pure and everlasting. Ah Kong worked his entire life in PUB and gave all of his earnings to Mama, the matriarch of the household. She made all the decisions right down to how much allowance he got. Unlike other men who might have felt emasculated, Ah Kong was secure and let her lead the way. It was his way of placing all of his trust and everything he had with Mama. In his later years, he always yearned to go out to the beach or the mall, but Mama was not well and if she didn’t want to go, he was happy to give up his outings just to sit by her side in the living room. At Mama’s 90th birthday party a month plus ago, we playfully ambushed Ah Kong with a microphone and asked how much he loved Mama. He earnestly and stoically replied “A lot.”

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8. She Turned 30

We can’t believe it either, it’s almost 6 years since the 2011 General Elections, when Nicole was still very much in the spotlight.

We can’t forget that our favourite influencers grow up along with us, too.

In fact, Nicole Seah just hit the big 30 in October last year. Yet, she still looks so young.

9. She Embarked On An Acting Career

nicole seah 1965


Nicole Seah’s acting debut in local movie 1965, made to commemorate SG50, was quite a plum role: She played the wife of lead actor Qi Yuwu, in a heartfelt performance.

Seriously, what can she not do?

Read our story about 10 things you didn’t know about the movie 1965.

10. She Loves Grab

For some reason, Nicole has been really into Grab recently. Just look at her Facebook profile and you’ll get what we mean.

She even shared a Grab promo on her profile:

Cheers, Nicole

We congratulate Nicole Seah for how far she’s come, especially since she really loves her current job! We wish her well on her marriage and hope to keep updated about her life.

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