We’re Just As Confused About The Fanny Pack Slides As You Are…But Aren’t They Kinda Dope?

Fans of fanny packs, take note: these pouches are no longer exclusively meant for the waists of aunties at markets.

Nike says you can wear them around your feet now.

And Nike is walking the talk: just look at its new Fanny Pack Slides.


Got stuff to hide?

The  design cleverly takes the age-old method of storing cash from prying eyes and contraband items from authorities out into the open.


Now we can conveniently zip them onto our feet.

Thanks, Nike. You know us well.

No need for wallets

Providing a safe hideout for our things is not the only innovative use for the slipper.

They also make a great alternative to the OL’s lunch pouch/wallets/tissue packet holders.


Same goes for our pouches.

Whether it’s loose change or the tissue packet you’re bringing around to chope tables with, most things we need on a daily basis can fit into the compartment.

Friendship over?

Despite its uses and stunning good looks, some are not enthusiastic about the fanny pack slides.


But others think it’s a really good idea.


Admit that you like it

Or maybe you just need some time to understand the concept of a bag-slipper before admitting that you actually like it.


Next fashion fad?

In all seriousness, though, we’re just waiting to see if they’ll catch on.

Someone else has expressed our secret sentiments well:


Maybe you could just try them on and see what that fashion police friend of yours has to say.

Better still if you’re the self-styled fashion police – give us your thoughts in the comments below.

Details of the Fanny Pack Slide are not out yet.

Featured image from Twitter and Twitter