Local Actor And YouTuber Provides 2,940 Reasons On Why You Should Keep Your Change

Saving money is never an easy thing to do, especially with the rising cost of living in Singapore.

However, one easy way for you to do so would be to start collecting your loose change and saving them — instead of simply letting them lie everywhere.

Over time, they will add up to a significant amount, and you’ll be thanking us that you did.

You might even save up enough for an entire trip to Tokyo.


Just like Ah Boys To Men star Noah Yap, who managed to save approximately $2,940.80 worth of coins in 4 years.

Almost $3,000 worth of coins saved

The YouTuber shared on Facebook on Friday (13 Oct) the aftermath of his money-saving practice.

The result?

  • 260 Pieces of 5-cent coins
  • 1,751 Pieces of 10-cent coins
  • 2,386 Pieces of 20-cent coins
  • 1,705 Pieces of 50-cent coins
  • 1,423 Pieces of 1-dollar coins

All amounting to a whopping total of almost $3,000 — which required 3 bags when he went to deposit them.

However, as per DBS’ coin deposit machine charges, he was required to pay $90.30 as a deposit fee — which is actually quite a bit if you think about it.


Still, a 3% deposit fee is a small price to pay for all the extra money you’ll be having from now on.

Prepare your piggy banks and start saving now

So what are you waiting for? Grab your piggy bank and start looking under your sofa, in between the seats of your car, and keep a lookout when you’re walking on the street.


You never know where you’d find loose change.

That Tokyo trip could be closer than you actually think.

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