Today is the day!

If you still haven’t gotten the memo, today (1 Sep) is Nomination Day. Today, we found out who is nominated, and whose political career may just have ended even before it began.

MustShareNews went down to Keming Primary School, and here’s what happened on the ground.

SDP, led by Jaslyn Go, together with their supporters headed to the school.


Meanwhile, the PAP supporters, dressed in full white, waited around at the void decks.


SingFirst also arrived shortly after:


PAP arrived, and the audience broke into cheers and rapturous applause. The two parties met, but the atmosphere was cordial and relaxed.


The school was a sea of white, dominated by PAP supporters.



The weather was sweltering hot, but the PAP supporters were evidently very excited.


PAP supporters even gave out PAP-themed umbrellas…


balloons in PAP-inspired colours….


and food to the folks present.


But of course, the opposition party and their supporters’ morale was not lowered.

SingFirst supporters gladly accepted media interviews:


The various parties’ supporters engaged in conversation while waiting.CL5A9498

SDP supporters in red:


The crowd patiently remained below the school hall for the nomination announcement to be made.


And finally, the long-awaited moment. The announcer announcing the start of the nominations:


Bukit Batok SMC

People’s Action Party: David Ong


Singapore Democratic Party: Sadasivam Veriyah


We are here to serve you, so please vote for the SDP, let me be your voice in the parliament. No point talking about the issues, so be with us! Vote for SDP.

Independent: Samir Salim Neji


I never expected that I would come this far, and I find my fellow contestants extremely competitive. I would love to be a part of the constituency and a part of Bukit Batok.

Yuhua SMC

People’s Action Party: Grace Fu


It has been my great privilege to have served you in Yuhua, but there’s so many things that we can do and can achieve a much better future for Yuhua.


Singapore Democratic Party: Jaslyn Go


I look forward to clean and fair contest with my worthy opponent, Miss Grace Fu. Support the SDP, I will be your voice in parliament.

West Coast GRC (4 seats)

People’s Action Party: S Iswaran, Lim Hng Kiang, Patrick Tay, Foo Mee Har


Voters of West Coast GRC, we the PAP has worked closely with you to build a brighter future all these years. Give us your vote and support so that we can continue to do good work with you, for our families and our children.


Reform Party: Kenneth Jeyaretnam, Andy Zhu, Darren Soh, Noraini Yunus


We are not an elite, we are not an aristocracy; but we want to serve you, we want to better Singapore.

Jurong GRC (5 seats)

People’s Action Party: Tharman Shanmugaratnam, Ang Wei Neng, Desmond Lee,Rahayu Mahzam, Tan Wu Meng


We will make sure that wherever you are in Jurong, whether you are young or old, whatever your background, we will make sure we serve everyone, make sure no one is left behind in Jurong. No one is left behind.

Singaporeans First: David Foo, Tan Peng Ann, Wong Soon Hong, Wong Chee Wai, Sukdeu Singh


People in Jurong have told us that they want change, and we’re here to provide that change. A change for the better Singaporean of tomorrow. We will bring about better, higher esteem for Singaporeans. We will restore Singaporeans!

Behind the scenes

Screen Shot 2015-09-01 at 4.30.51 pmSource

PAP’s Minister S Iswaran pointed out a discrepancy in RP’s nominations papers to RP’s Kenneth Jeyaretnam.

S Iswaran later posted this on Facebook:

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