Singaporeans are not tolerating the comments made by Calvin Cheng

In the aftermath of the terrorist attacks in Paris, Calvin Cheng, former Singaporean Nominated Member of Parliament, remarked on the incident by calling on people to “kill them before they kill you. And their children too..”

He was responding to a Facebook post made by Devadas Krishnadas about keeping Singapore safe from violent extremism. Devadas posted his thoughts about Singaporeans having constraints on certain freedom and giving the state power in exchange for a safer country.

You can see his full post below.

While readers found Devadas’ post constructive,  Calvin Cheng’s reply to the post incited anger from Singaporeans.

Screen Shot 2015-11-18 at 3.16.26 pm


Some people even questioned if Calvin Cheng’s comments itself sounded rather radicalised.

Meanwhile, Calvin Cheng seems to believe that his comments were legitimate and responded to his critics accordingly.



He basically used the example of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict as an example of killing children who are already involved in conflict so that they don’t “blow u up”.

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How classy.

While Calvin Cheng, like all of us, does not want a terrorist on the loose, what is most troubling is tactlessness in wanting to persecute children. Public figures need to be more sensitive of their views on social media, especially after the attacks so as not to incite further hostility.

With ISIS trying to radicalise Muslims and stoking the flames globally, we should be even more careful with our words.

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