NTU’s The Hive Cordoned Off, Possible Suicide Case

UPDATE: The rumours have turned out true. According to Channel NewsAsia, a 22-year-old NTU student was found dead on the ground level of The Hive. Police had been alerted to the case at 6:48am this morning (21 Jan). A body tent can be seen inside the building.

Submitted by MS News reader

This morning, Nanyang Technological University (NTU) students arrived in school to find one of the buildings – The Hive – entirely cordoned off, with large blue construction sheets covering the entrance.

A police car was also spotted parked outside.

MS News understands from an NTU student who wishes to be identified as N, that rumours circulating among students involve a possible suicide from the top of Hive building.

Submitted by MS News Reader

We reached out to NTU’s general office who informed us that the police are “doing something there”, and that the Hive building may re-open after lunch.

The Hive

The Hive is campus space for students to “interact, socialise and network with one another outside of formal classes“.

With its curved facade – often likened to dim sum baskets stacked one on top of one another – the building is hard to miss.


Inside are plenty of study rooms, classrooms, community and multi-purpose spaces. There is even a bookstore and a cafe on the ground floor so students won’t have to travel far for a little refueling.


Student suicide not confirmed

NTU has not yet released an official statement about the matter. We’ve reached out to the school for more information.

But the fact that the entire building was cordoned off so suddenly and without the school telling the students anything was naturally going to raise eyebrows and questions.

Hopefully, the students’ current suspicions will turn out false.

Readers are advised to await an official police statement as investigations are ongoing.

Featured image from Flickr and MS News reader.