Daughter Claimed That Her Father Took A Video Of Her Showering

A 15-year-old girl, Rachel, has come out publicly on alleged sexual harassment acts by her father — an IT manager at the National University of Singapore (NUS).

In a series of Instagram posts on Tuesday (25 Jun), Rachel shared that he had sexually harassed her and her brother when they were juveniles.

That’s not all. Rachel claimed that he had also sexually abused their mother. Both parents are now divorced.

Behaved inappropriately in front of his children

According to her posts, Rachel’s father would walk around the house in just his underwear.

Rachel did not think much of it then, as they were “nurtured” into accepting this as the norm. But now, as she looks back, she finds his actions extremely disturbing.


Being so scantily dressed, Rachel even shared that her father’s pubic hair was visible to her — a traumatising experience that continues to haunt her today.


Her father also told her younger brother Joel that he could simply wear his underwear around the house if the weather was hot.

Their mother pointed out that this was inappropriate, but their father told Rachel to “educate” her that it is “normal” as it’s akin to wearing swimming trunks at a pool.

Apart from his inappropriate dressing, Rachel alleged that her father had also taken a video of her showering.

Sexually assaulted wife & had affairs

Rachel and his brother weren’t the only victims. Their father supposedly also cheated on and sexually assaulted their mother.

Her mother eventually found out about his affairs and refused to have sex with him for fear of sexually transmitted diseases.

In Mar 2016, he threatened to strip and rape her. Fortunately, she managed to escape to Rachel’s room.

But 3 days later, he sexually assaulted her by groping her breast.

When she retaliated by hitting him with a book, he shouted,

How dare you beat me! Do you know…I have at least 5 women…waiting to serve me?

After the incident, Rachel’s mother applied for a divorce and a Personal Protection Order (PPO). During the divorce proceedings in court, he admitted to sexually abusing Rachel’s mother.

Almost gained custody of Rachel and her brother

The nightmares didn’t end there.

In 2018, Rachel’s father initiated a court order to gain custody of Rachel and his brother.

The order was approved as their mother had cancer and was presumably deemed unfit to take care of them.

Not wanting to be exploited and sexually abused any further, Rachel and her brother resisted the ruling.

What ensued were 7 court orders issued between Oct 2018 and Mar 2019 — a process which Rachel described as “traumatising”.

Currently under their mother’s care

After 3 years, the divorce proceedings have now been completed, and the children remain under the care of their mother.

Rachel, her brother, and their mother

Family abuse cases such as these often occur behind closed doors and may involve young children who feel lost with no clue as to how to seek help.

If you know anyone in a similar predicament, do not hesitate to lend a helping hand and seek help from the authorities when needed.

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