Kiwi risks fine and jail time if he avoids serving National Service

This Kiwi thinks that he is a special snowflake and wants to escape serving National Service (NS).

19-year-old Singapore-born Brandon Smith, currently lives in New Zealand, and might face charges for defaulting NS if he does not turn up for a pre-medical NS check up.

These charges include a two-year jail term and a $10,000 fine.

Brandon, who holds New Zealand and Singaporean dual citizenship, moved back to New Zealand at the age of 8.

His mother is a Singaporean with New Zealand Permanent Resident (PR) status, while his father is a New Zealander who serves in the Air Force.

The golden boy: Brandon Smith

This Kiwi wants to avoid NS as he thinks it is “difficult and pointless”.

He said:

I don’t see the point of it, really. It’s sort of a waste of time to go there and just come back anyway.

His other excuses for not wanting to serve NS?

  1. Because he doesn’t speak chinese, and is a Kiwi, he would be treated as an outsider.
  2. NS allowance is not enough to cover food and rent, and he doesn’t want to impose on his family.


So… NS being “difficult and pointless” is a valid reason not to enlist? #seemslegit

are you serious


His parents basically got him into this predicament

Mind you, Brandon holds dual citizenship, and must therefore comply with the Enlistment Act.

His parents are also partly to blame for all the drama.

Why wait till he was called up to serve NS (18 years old) to take action and create such a huge ruckus about their son having to serve NS?

Reminds us of a certain animal (not kiwi).



Sorry MATE, but as a Singaporean citizen, and an Air force military personnel, didn’t you guys know that your son has to serve NS if he is a Singaporean citizen?

According to, Brandon’s father, Shane has been corresponding with Members of Parliament (MP) to help his son avoid NS. However, he was rejected deferment. Shane said:

Absolutely no one would accommodate us. It was always the same answer; ‘we regret to inform you that Brandon has to serve National Service’.

The question is, why was his deferment rejected?

Maybe they did not follow protocol?

The article by  made no mention of Brandon renouncing his citizenship before he went to New Zealand. This means, his parents might not have followed procedures to avoid NS.

According to the Ministry of Defence this are the conditions to not serve NS:

Only those who have emigrated at a young age and have not enjoyed substantial socio-economic benefits are allowed to renounce their citizenship without serving National Service.

Thus, Brandon’s parents could have followed these 2 methods to prevent him from enlisting:

1. They could have renounced his Singaporean citizenship and made him a Kiwi before he turned 11  — which should have been easy, given that he went to New Zealand when he was 8 years old.

2. Alternatively, they shouldn’t have made him a Singaporean citizen in the first place.

Looks like missed this point, or left this detail out.

Involvement of New Zealand Foreign Minister

These people are throwing their weight around and trying as hard as hell to get special treatment.

Long story short, they got the help of a Kiwi MP to appeal to New Zealand’s Foreign Minister Murray McCully who decided to help them.

There’s actually no point crying over spilt milk

Brandon missed the train to avoid NS, for whatever reason.

Thus, as a Singaporean citizen, he is still obliged to served NS or has to face the consequences.

willi wonka


To sum up, there are 2 routes he can take:

  1. Brandon can haul his whiny ass to NS
  2. He can simply not return to Singapore and quit whining about NS — after all he won’t be fined or jailed if he never returns to Singapore.

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