Throwing Shades On Trains

On Wednesday (14 Oct), the Land Transport Authority (LTA) and public transport operators SMRT and SBS Transit conducted “Exercise Greyhound” — an emergency drill to test their improved incident management plans in the event of a massive train service disruption.

This exercise simulated multiple power trips on the East-West Line during the morning rush hour, and the subsequent suspension of train services along the entire line.

Transport Minister Khaw Boon Wan, together with Senior Minister of State for Transport Ng Chee Meng, took the MRT to the various stations to assess the emergency plans.

While on the train, Minister Khaw also took the time to roll his eyes at his Transport second in command.

Wait what.

Let’s take a look at the following clip.

What about the video? It’s just Transport 2IC Ng Chee Meng sharing his wishes on the new Islamic year to a Muslim lady.

Here’s what you didn’t notice.

[iframe id=”″]

Did you see Minister Khaw’s head turn at 0:08 when Minister Ng Chee Meng said he knows everything!?

And it was a slow dramatic head turn…

Let’s take a look at it again.

[iframe id=””]


He was even smirking.



With that look on his face, who knows what he was thinking.

We’re thinking more of a “sure you know everything, that’s why you’re accompanying me.”

What do you think?



Khaw’s spirit animal = Greyhound

Anyone who watched the entire video at first would have thought that innocent little Minister Khaw was in his own world, unaware of what’s going on around him, but nope.

He was aware.

He was very aware.

Like a greyhound.

Screen Shot 2015-10-14 at 18.29.43


Something with keen eye sight essentially means that it’s aware/alert of whatever’s going on.



Presenting to you a greyhound.

Now we all know why this exercise was oddly named “Exercise Greyhound”.

This is the reason.



Back to the exercise

Operators were also tested on their activation of free bus boarding, special shuttle bus services, and their staff to manage the surge in commuters at all train stations and interchanges, as well as the availability of leaflets at SMRT stations to guide commuters to alternative transport options.

LTA also trialed the newly installed beacon lights at Tiong Bahru station. When activated, these lights signal to bus captains and commuters that free boarding of bus services has been activated.

Not targeting the root cause

This initiative has shown Minister Khaw’s commitment to improving the transport system, especially with his timeliness.

Just 2 days ago (12 Oct) he mentioned about conducting an emergency drill on his blog, and he did it.

Screen Shot 2015-10-14 at 18.42.52


Not bad, not bad.



We are thankful for the Transport Ministry’s efficiency, and we appreciate all the efforts.

However, this initiative isn’t combatting the root cause of the problem. This emergency drill is simply a practice on dealing with the problem better in future.

While this emergency drill is important to keep Singaporeans prepared for any such situations in future, shouldn’t we focus on finding the root cause of the problem and dealing with that instead?

Wouldn’t that be a more stable and proper long term solution?

Is this a hint for all Singaporeans to be prepared for more train service breakdowns in future?

Is this also why Minister Khaw hasn’t updated his Facebook status or said anything about the recent train service disruption!?




We are all so dead.

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Featured image via The Straits Times ,YouTube
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