8 Times Singapore’s Otter Families Stole Everyone’s Hearts

8 Adorable Moments With Singapore’s Very Own Otters

The otter families of Singapore have mustered a cult-like following with Facebook groups and media outlets reporting on their adorable life.

We’ve watched the ups and downs of each otter family like an addictive reality TV show.


Local fans love to watch otter families grow and take pictures that tug at our heartstrings. To satisfy your cravings, we’ve compiled a list of some of their best moments.

1. Helping each other out

Whether you live in the city or the wild, you’ll need help from your family to survive.

We’ve constantly been inspired by the united front of the Bishan otters. They help each other fish for food, which consistently proves that there is strength in unity.


2. Photobombing proposals

You’ve probably heard of the British couple that came to visit the otters of Singapore.

The man thought Marina Reservoir was a romantic sight and planned to pop the question to his special girl.

As he proposed, the otters casually sauntered in and proceeded – perhaps unknowingly – to photobomb the couple’s picture.


3. True love in the water

Constant heartbreaks make many cynical to love.

Fortunately, loyal otter couples remind us that true love exists. Once we find it, we shouldn’t let it go.


4. Staying together through thick & thin

Every family has ups and downs like the Pasir Ris otters.

While we may have been heartbroken after learning the otter Aquarius’ injuries, we celebrated her successful rescue. Here’s to hoping that they will overcome more challenges together.


5. Two is better than one

Make sure to spend time with your loved ones because these sun-bathing otters prove that two is better than one.


6. Mother-daughter bonding

The heavily pregnant Bishan mum had a heartwarming heart-to-heart bonding session with her daughter.


We’re looking forward to more moments of family affection with this growing family.

7. Helping your parents out

Older kids can relate to babysitting their younger siblings and assisting parents when necessary.

This mother was struggling to lift her baby out of the water when an older sibling rushed to help out. Family is all about helping one another out.


8. Parents are the best teachers

Here, the Zouk pups are on their way for a swimming lesson with their parents. This sometimes leads to less than ideal results but we can all relate to being a beginner once. And besides, the best time to learn is when your parents are there to catch you when you fall.


Otters demonstrate family love

We’ve watched a lot of TV shows but none can match our obsession with these furry families.

We never knew a family that stays together can be insanely adorable until we devoured their daily shenanigans. The love for local otters is far from over, and we’re curious to know how they’ll grow and whether they’ll score a reality TV show in the future.

What are some moments from otter families that stole your heart? Let us know in the comments.

Featured image from Facebook and Facebook.

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