Marina Otters Get Attacked By Bishan Otters

In Singapore, we enjoy relative safety from the likes of frequent gang fights and territorial disputes. However, the same cannot be said for our wildlife.

In a war that has even gotten our citizens involved, 2 groups of belligerent otters are hell-bent on fighting it out to the death.

In a Facebook post on Sunday (June 11), OtterWatch released video footage of the otters going at it in a battle over territory.

The group, dedicated to tracking the movements of these gangster otters, explained how otters from the Bishan region had travelled south to Marina Bay, just to try and oust the other otters off their rightful land.

The war had been a fierce one, with brave humans stepping in to help the Marina otters defend their home.

Mourning The Loss Of Their Alpha

This comes at an especially tough time for the Marina otters, who are fresh from the loss of their Alpha otter, nicknamed the Marina Dad.

Marina Dad had been the first otter in the city area, and passed away last week on June 8, after looking unwell for a couple of days.

This left only a mother otter to fend for her land and 11 of her children, making them a lot more susceptible to attack without their alpha.

Bishan Gang

The Bishan otters may look cute, but make no mistake, they are not as innocent as they seem:

Clandestine Operation

With spy-like skills only rivalled by our very own Commandos, the Bishan otter crew picked up on the loss of the Marina Dad and decided that it was time to strike.

Early on Sunday morning, onlookers were shocked as the Bishan otter gang pounced on the Marina otters, in a blatant act of war.

However, the Marina otters were not alone, nearby Singaporeans stepped up to help them defend their home.

Both otter-lovers and everyday Park Connector users joined forces in chasing the invaders away from the Marina otters. This rallied effort was a resounding success as the Bishan otters were quickly sent packing, with no casualties on either side.

Kind-Hearted Singaporeans Still Exist

In our society, we seem to focus more on our flaws than our strengths. Although we always seem to draw flak for being selfish, it’s good to bear in mind that we do have kindness in our hearts too.

Perhaps, this list can do with an addition — the brave souls who fended off the Bishan otters and stood side by side with the Marina crew.

Featured image from Facebook and Facebook