The Oxley Road Saga Takes A Break

24 days.

That’s the amount of time that has elapsed since Mr Lee Hsien Yang (LHY) and Dr Lee Wei Ling (LWL) first voiced concerns over their brother’s alleged abuse of power with regards to the Lee family home.

But in a public statement released over Facebook on Thursday (July 6) morning, the siblings appeared to press the pause button on the long-drawn-out saga. They said they would stop presenting further evidence on social media “provided that we and our father’s wish(es) are not attacked or misrepresented”. They have not posted since.

This probably won’t be the end, but perhaps Singaporeans can finally take a much-needed break from this exhausting saga.


Keeping Up With The Lees

It indeed was not the end, as this public statement was accompanied by a 10-page long letter, listing out all the alleged evidence that LWL and LHY had presented to the public.

The letter ended with the ominous sentence: “There is much evidence we have yet to show.”

The siblings also said they will reveal this only in a “truly open and independent investigation”.


Air Not Cleared

It looks like the siblings did not accept PM Lee’s conclusion that the air had been cleared.

In fact, before LWL’s saga-pausing post on Thursday, LHY posted on Wednesday evening re-emphasising the allegations against his brother.


Ammunition Being Reloaded

With LWL’s warning shots being fired, PM Lee should be wary that more revelations may come his way.

We hope he brought a sweater with him to Germany because clearly, winter is coming.

According to the evidence LWL has presented, she alleges there are at least 3 issues that warrant a trial:

1. Contradictory Statements In Public And Private

The siblings claim that the Prime Minister has made “contradictory” statements in a public and private capacity.

And they say that thus, some of them must be lies.

This is the most important issue to address because it pertains to the integrity of our Prime Minister 

With a lack of sufficient knowledge, coupled with the withholding of more “complex evidence”, a large majority of Singaporeans would be unable to make an informed judgement of who is right and wrong — thus we need an impartial court to judge that.

2. Misuse Of Power

The siblings claim PM Lee used his official capacity as PM to obtain something for a personal dispute with his father’s estate.

A copy of the Deed of Gift, signed by the National Heritage Board in order to display Mr Lee Kuan Yew’s personal effects for an exhibition, would be easily obtained by PM Lee in his official capacity.

It was then used to in this personal legal fight against his father’s estate, his siblings allege.

Such allegations of abuse of power also undermine PM Lee’s credibility as a leader and must be swiftly addressed.

3. Misrepresentations Made To Mr Lee Kuan Yew

One of LWL and LHY’s arguments was that the Prime Minister had made misrepresentations to his father, the late Mr Lee Kuan Yew.


One of the hallmark traits of the late Mr Lee Kuan Yew was his astuteness and lack of fear in dealing with difficult tasks and opponents alike.

It would indeed take a monumental effort from PM Lee if he indeed had hoodwinked his father — thus such allegations need to proven beyond a reasonable doubt.

We Must Have That Iron

We think Singaporeans would rather just not think about this entire saga any more, and just sweep it under the rug.

But it’s unlikely the current impasse between the PM and his siblings will go away anytime soon.

The late Mr Lee was right when he said that this is “not a game of cards”. But without a proper independent trial, we can only watch as his descendants seemingly engage in one, at the expense of Singapore’s reputation. 

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