Stealing Undergarments Despite CCTV 

Have you wanted that piece of chocolate cake so much that you don’t care about what people think, you just want it

Well, it’s worse if you have a fetish — like the thief caught on camera stealing panties and a bra at the corridor of an HDB flat in Jurong West Street 24 at about 4am on Feb 17 (Friday).

Not Slick At All

Resident Izad told Stomp that his motion-activated closed-circuit television (CCTV) camera caught footage of the unidentified person lurking outside his house.

Despite the presence of a sign clearly warning of CCTV, the androgynous thief approached the clothing rack and took a pair of panties and a sports bra that belonged to Izad’s domestic helper. The thief then tucked the intimate wear under his/her arm before proceeding into the lift.


See the CCTV footage here, from the AsiaOne website:

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Clear Face Shot

Before leaving, the culprit stopped by the shoe cabinet — and that’s where a clear shot of his/her face was taken. 

The culprit had short hair appeared to have been highlighted red, and was clad in dark clothing with noticeable black rims and a black “X” pattern across the back of the shirt.

Here’s a clear close-up of his/her face:


“Couldn’t be sure if it’s a she or he? But the face is very clear,” said Izad.


The act, apart from being a case of general theft, could also be a case of fetishism with used undergarments. The culprit remains unidentified and at large.

We say thank goodness that the person took undies that were washed.

Featured image from AsiaOne