Will 2015 be the year of change?

Update: Looks like rally numbers are not everything! The silent majority spoke up when it mattered.

If crowd attendance is any indication of votes, then 2015 could very well be the year history is made. We’ll let the pictures speak for themselves.

Day 1 – 2nd Sep Rallies

Photo of the crowd that attended the rally at Delta Hockey Pitch.

PAP Rally – Delta Hockey Pitch

Credit Kong Chong Yew – themiddleground.sg

PAP started of strong with a one of their biggest crowd sizes of the elections. WP however, had a phenomenal start to the rallies.

WP Rally – Blk 837 Hougang Central

Credit: Goh Ying Min – TheSpectrum.sg

Credit: Lee Siew Yian – TheSpectrum.sg

Credit: Lee Siew Yian – TheSpectrum.sg

credit: Rabbit1@hwz

Crowd Size Score: WP 1 – PAP 0

Day 2 – 3rd Sep

To be fair, from day onwards PAP had 2 rallies for the next 4 rallies, and 7 and 6 rallies for the last two days. Still, you can add up all the rallies and the crowds would not be as big. They just wouldn’t appear as small.

PAP Rally 

PAP 3rd sep bedok stadiumCredit: UPAGE

According to TOC, an estimated 1,300 people showed up. Not bad! Just don’t compare it to the Bedok Stadium picture on the last day or PAP tears will be shed.

WP Rally – Blk 4 Boon Keng Road
3rd sep WP boon keng edwin
Credit: Edwin Koo @SingaporeSon

Crowd Size Score: WP 2 – PAP 0

Day 3 – 4th Sep

PAP Rally – Defu Avenue 1/ Defu Lane 10

Credit: Kwek Leng Joo – TheSpectrum.sg

Credit: veryhungryboy

WP Rally – Yishun Stadium

This appeared to be the weakest crowd size for WP, but it still looked bigger than every PAP rally.


Credit: Chan Yeow Chuan

Credit: Chan Yeow Chuan

Crowd Size Score: WP 3 – PAP 0

Day 4 – 5th Sep

PAP Blk 136 Petir Road

Credit: Jason Quah

Credit: Jason Quah

WP Blk 128C Punggol Field Walk

Credit: Pauline Tan – The Spectrum

Crowd Size Score: WP 4 – PAP 0

Day 5 – 6th Sep

PAP did not hold any rallies.

WP Rally – Blk 155 Simei Road

Credit: Kwek Leng Joo – TheSpectrum.sg

Credit: Kwek Leng Joo – TheSpectrum.sg

Crowd Size Score: WP 5 – PAP 0 (Walkover. Ha!)

Day 6 – 7th Sep

PAP Rally – Commonwealth Avenue.


7thsep pap
Credit: Kong Chong Yew – The Online Citizen

Credit: Kong Chong Yew – The Online Citizen


WP Rally – Blk 344 Ubi Avenue 1

Credit: Eddy Chua- The Online Citizen

Crowd Size Score: WP 6 – PAP 0

Day 7 – 8th Sep

PAP Rally –  Ngee Ann Secondary School

Credit: Kwek Leng Joo – TheSpectrum.sg

WP Rally – Serangoon Stadium

8sep WP serangoon TOC
The Online Citizen’s FB

Crowd Size Score: WP 7 – PAP 0

Day 8 – 9th Sep

PAP Rally – 155 Simei Road

spunkieeecredit: @spunkieee

WP Rally – Bedok Stadium

Credit: Edwin Koo @SingaporeSon

Credit: The Middle Ground

Final Rally Crowd Verdict?

Crowd Size Score: WP 8 – PAP 0

Flawless Victory.