Parents’ Tuition Classes May Mean That They Can Now Take Exams For Their Children Too


Back To School For Parents

Incongruous scenes are taking shape at tuition centres across Singapore.

Working adults who have left their school years far behind them are willingly going back to school again, and even paying for the privilege of learning subjects like primary school Maths.

No, they aren’t trying to relive the mugging part of their school years — nobody can be that perverse — but because they want to be able to coach their children better. And who knows, maybe in future take the exams themselves so their children don’t have to.

I know, that’s a very extreme way to heed the call for Lifelong Learning.


Good Business, Sad Sight

For the tuition agencies, we see why this is good business. They have been focusing on tutoring students for so long. Now they can make money tutoring the parents, too.

Imagine, making double the tuition fees for one student!

For others, though, the sight of weary parents slogging away after a long day of work to learn stuff that their children should already have learnt is just…sad.


Imagine being one of those parents — you work hard for a living, have household chores to do, and take care of your kids. Then you also have to learn stuff for exams that aren’t even yours.

Extraordinary Love

If anything, this upcoming trend just proves how extraordinary a parent’s love can be.

According to The Straits Times, some parents are forking out additional money to attend tuition classes themselves so they can learn how to teach their child.

In other words, parents hope that after attending these classes, they can help answer their child’s queries anytime, preventing the child from having to wait till the next time the child sees the teacher.

How Long?

This sounds like a great idea, but for how long can the child rely on its parents? Should parents study their child’s secondary school, junior college and university syllabus too?

If we take this to its logical extent, parents might as well take the exams for their children, and attend job interviews as well.


Growing Strawberries

We often hear people complain that kids these days are like strawberries, round, sweet and spotty. Sorry, we meant: They have “soft” characters and are unable to withstand pressure.


Yet, perhaps we should take a step back and see whether we are the ones growing the strawberries.


Children who grow up with their parents spoon-feeding them with answers might find it difficult to develop a spine and become independent, determined learners who overcome obstacles by themselves.

Good Intentions

We understand that parents want to go the extra mile for their child, but maybe this extra mile is being taken in the wrong direction.


We think it’s better to expend energy on character building instead, and leave the academic teaching to the professionals.

It’s no secret that Singapore’s holistic education system is not that holistic, which means parents play an even more important role in cultivating the correct attitude, mindsets and habits in their children so they can grow to become independent members of society who have the correct values.

And not just think their mummy and daddy will be there forever to solve all their problems.

Life Smart

We wish for every parent to bring up a child who is not just exam smart, but life smart too.

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