The New App Is Available For Trials, Here’s How You Can Sign Up


Get your hands on the new parking app

When Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong announced the release of the new parking app that will replace the current parking coupons, sighs of relief were almost audible. The system of using parking coupons are almost 40 years old, and surely an app would help make paying for parking more efficient.



Instead of a vague estimate of how long you want to park, the app will calculate charges on a per-minute basis, with refunds given if you park for a shorter time than expected. The app will also notify motorists when their parking session is about to expire, and allow them to extend their parking sessions if required. Payments will be made with Visa or MasterCard.


Sounds like a great app? Well, you can now sign up to be one of the first Singaporeans to use it.

URA, HDB, and GovTech, are conducting trials for, and you can sign up on this Google Form.

Only the first 2,000 iPhone users will be selected, while the number of Android trial-ers is unconfirmed. Selected users will be notified via email, and receive download instructions from there as well.

The app can be used at about 1,150 coupon-based carparks – ERP-based carparks will have no use for the tech – including roadside parallel parking spaces. Only cars can use the app for now, with motorcycle and heavy vehicle use available at a later stage of the trial.

For more information, check out the website.

The trial will last till September 2017, and will be officially released in October 2017.

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