Parkview Museum Opens With Shark Exhibit

Calling all of you art fanatics, a new contemporary art museum has opened its doors in Singapore.

Within the friendly gates of the art deco-inspired Parkview Square lies Parkview Museum, which opens its doors with its first (free!) exhibition, named On Sharks and Humanity.


On Sharks And Humanity

The environment-centric art exhibition is being hosted by the museum to get the show started. On Sharks and Humanity focuses on the dangers faced by the sharks as a result of shark finning.

It is a plea to stop the mass killing of these sharks by educating the patrons of the special relationship that sharks share with the ecosystem.

Traditionally, sharks have been a harbinger of imminent danger, giving us a negative impression of them. The exhibition hopes to quash these myths and make people understand the plight of these majestic sea creatures. 

The exhibition features both local and international artists, and aims to shine the limelight on budding contemporary artists.



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Best of all, the exhibit is free of charge!

On Sharks and Humanity is open at Parkview Square till Sept 9, 2017, everyday from 11am to 7pm.

Grab your artistic friends, it’s time to learn a little about sharks.

Or, you could also go #forthegram.


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Featured Image from The Peak Magazine