PM Lee To Address Parliament On July 3

After all the mess that the Lee family saga has dragged Singaporeans into within less than a week, there is finally a glimmer of hope.

Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong, via a Facebook post, issued a public apology to all Singaporeans yesterday (June 19). Among other things, PM Lee revealed that he would make a Ministerial Statement to Parliament in two weeks’ time, on July 3.

Lifting the Party Whip

PM Lee promised to refute all the allegations that have been made about his leadership abilities, but that’s not the best part.


He has instructed that the Party Whip clause be lifted for this Parliament session, and has urged Ministers to express their honest views on the topic.

“Whip” is a foreign term to most of us, so if you don’t understand what’s going on, we’ve got your back.

What is a Whip?
Party Whips are basically disciplinarians of MPs, and they ensure that their party members’ votes are in accordance with the party’s stance.

For example, if the PAP wants to pass Law A, all PAP members in the Parliament must vote in favour of A. In a future universe, if the PAP wanted to repeal Section 377A, the whip will ensure that the vote passes.

In the PAP, the appointed Whip is Mr Chan Chun Sing, with Ms Sim Ann and Mr Sam Tan as his deputies.


MPs Can Properly Represent Their Constituencies

PM Lee’s decision to lift The Whip is critical because he is basically opening the floor up to all sorts of questions, potentially showing the nation in an open session if, as Lee Kuan Yew’s grandson Li Shengwu said in a Facebook post, “the ruling party is still full of men and women of quality and strong character”.

The spotlight is firmly on the PAP MPs. If they don’t ask the fair and balanced questions that their constituents want answered, they risk being accused of pandering to their boss and might draw flak from the public, come next election.

They have to ensure that they manage to ask the right questions to PM Lee, and not just ask him softball questions that do not matter.

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