Rallies, rallies, and more rallies

Only 6 more days to go.

Yesterday, we reported about the various political parties’ social media movements here.

All parties are stepping up their game this election, and here’s what they’re up to today:

People’s Action Party

Vivian Balakrishnan was on a walkabout at Holland-Bukit Timah this morning (5 Sep):

LHL was mobbed by the crowd after the rally in Aljunied last night (4 Sep). For the lazy, we covered the best quote of yesterday’s rally here.

LHL on how PAP will deliver plans for Singapore’s future:

Workers’ Party

Chen Show Mao: The Opposition is also serving the people!

Gerald Giam and his thoughts on minimum wage:

LTK: We have to be careful. PAP is like a cat during the elections. After that, PAP will be a lion.

Daniel Goh also shared that tonight’s rally site is next to the estate he used to live in:

Democratic Progressive Party

Benjamin Pwee wants us to know what the responsibilities of an MP are, at SPP Bishan-Toa Payoh rally yesterday night (4 Sep):

The crowd turnout for the rally:

National Solidarity Party

NSP’s babe Kevryn Lim giving her speech at the rally tonight (5 Sep):

In a video interview with Six-Six, NSP’s Acting Secretary-General Lim Tean shared his thoughts about CPF and the role of online media.

NSP Secretary-General Lim TeanNational Solidarity Party Secretary-General Lim Tean says people who squander their CPF savings are a minority and provides a solution to this problem. He also shares his thoughts on the role of online media. #GE2015

Posted by SIX-SIX News on Saturday, September 5, 2015

Lim Tean clarified that Cheo Chai Chen’s comments about Tin Pei Ling and mothers were not meant to be derogatory.

People’s Power Party

Goh Meng Seng is not ashamed to be called an Ah Beng Politician:

PPP held their first ever election rally yesterday (4 Sep):

PPP also thanked their supporters who attended the rally:

Reform Party

KJ sharing more about himself:

Look who attended yesterday’s (4 Sep) rally? In full minion outfit too, no less. (Missing the banana, though.)

Gilbert Goh is apparently not too pleased with MSM:

Singapore Democratic Alliance

Yesterday (4 Sep), SDA had their opening rally at Pasir Ris Park, which we reported here.

Here’s Harminder Pal Singh delivering his speech at the rally:

They also alleged that PAP threatened voters:

Shocking!! How can the PAP threaten people like this? No respect for voters! Vote for a Change! Vote for SDA! Share with all to Vote for SDA too!

Posted by Singapore Democratic Alliance on Friday, September 4, 2015

Singapore Democratic Party

SDP is appealing for donations for the GE:

CSJ at yesterday’s rally: “[I] couldn’t sleep after adrenaline rush of rally yesterday. Tried counting sheep but it didn’t help as they’re all in white.”

Singaporeans First

SingFirst rally’s crowd turnout. Spotted a few white shirts in the crowd — maybe they just didn’t get the memo?

 SingFirst was also on a walkabout this morning at Bukit Batok:

Morning walk about at Bukit Batok, Blk 273

Posted by SingFirst on Friday, September 4, 2015

Singapore People’s Party

SPP will be having their rally tomorrow (6 Sep), and Chiam See Tong will be speaking.

After our rally tonight at Hong Kah North, we will hold our rally for Mountbatten SMC tomorrow (6 Sept) night, where our…

Posted by Singapore People’s Party on Saturday, September 5, 2015

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