AVA Ignores Netizens Feedback

The Agri-Food & Veterinary Authority of Singapore (AVA) has come under fire once again regarding chicken culling.

Just earlier this year, what was said to be endangered Red Junglefowl were slaughtered by the AVA after receiving complaints by residents in Sin Ming Avenue.

After getting flak for that, the AVA then claimed that the chickens were slain due to concerns over public health and safety, and not because they were noisy.


No Consultation

This time, they’ve ruffled the feathers of netizens by killing free-roaming chickens in Sungei Api Api in Pasir Ris, citing complaints, without discussing it with the residents there or even informing them about it.

The AVA also refused to disclose how many chickens were slain nor the number of complaints they received.

However, they did mention that concerns had been were raised since January 2016 regarding the growth of the free-roaming chicken population at Sungei Api Api.

An AVA spokesman cited the threat to public health that could be posed by bird flu.


Here’s the area where the chickens roam:



Peaceful Chickens

In this video, you can see for yourself just how peaceful the free-roaming chickens at Pasir Ris were:

According to lawyer Chia Boon Teck, residents “used to see flocks of 10 birds or more” but “only scattered groups of two to three birds remain”, reported The Straits Times.

He elaborated that “there used to be more than 100 birds” and that “residents now wake up to a lifeless Sungei Api Api”.

Another resident, Faisal Salim, 49, lamented about how the kampung atmosphere of estate had died along with the chickens.

More Backlash

Residents of Pasir Ris weren’t the only ones enraged about the whole chicken-culling saga. Netizens online were also quick to pounce on AVA’s contentious killing spree.

But it may not matter, as it’s pretty obvious to everyone how lightly the AVA takes everyone’s feedback and criticism.


Many raised the issue of how other birds posed a greater threat but aren’t on AVA’s culling radar.


Others just went straight up savage on the AVA.


On the bright side (for the AVA), one netizen stood up for them.


Culling, Culling, Culling

One must wonder when all this culling of free-roaming chickens will end.

Is it truly over concerns for public health or simply because they are noisy? Or could there be an underlying issue that the AVA is not letting us know about?

And why don’t they at least discuss with residents about what they feel about the chickens?

Whatever the case, we do hope all this ceaseless slaughtering of chickens stops.

Watch our video where we asked Sungei Api Api residents on their views about the culling:

Featured image from besgroup.org