42 Year-Old Pearl Bank Apartments Will Be Redeveloped Via En Bloc

Another valiant building has fallen to the en bloc beast.

Say sayonara to Pearl Bank Apartments, for it has been sold to property development company CapitaLand.

The 113-metre tall horseshoe-shaped building will be redeveloped, which is probably code for demolished.

CapitaLand plans to redevelop Pearl Bank into an 800-unit condominium.

This will come as a blow to the local Instagram scene. After all, we are losing one of the most uniquely-shaped building our sunny shores have to offer.

Here are 5 IG-worthy spots you can visit to recreate these stunning angles before the building is gone for good.

Instagram-worthy spots

Pearl Bank Apartments is a naturally photogenic building – you can take pictures from virtually any angle and it’ll turn out well.

1. Looking up

Here’s the 42-year-old building taken from below:

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The timeless quality of monochrome photography goes hand in hand with the brutalist architecture of the Pearl Bank Apartments.

2. View of creation

If you want to be looking down on creation, consider taking your shot from within the building.

3. In the middle

Guess who’s back again from directly underneath.

For the following shot, find a cozy spot in the middle of the apartment complex’s gardens.


4. Droning on and on

Own a drone? The unique shape of the building holds up just as well in an aerial shot that can only be obtained with one of those flying buggers.

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5. Elevation

Feeling indecisive? Torn between aerial or grounded angles? Consider making a compromise and snapping the building from an elevated angle that’s not quite too high.

Et tuBrute?

Some grudging credit to the pro-en bloc residents at Pearl Bank, though – they succeeded in getting their sale at the fourth time of asking.

The infrastructure of buildings aged 42 do not typically age well, too.

Soon, our pictures will be all that’s left of the iconic building, which is part of Singapore’s last vestiges of the brutalism era of architecture, which was a popular style in the 1970s.

Brutalist architecture gets its name not from the way some people prefer their heavy metal, but from the term béton brut, meaning raw concrete in French.

Other examples of brutalism in Singapore include People’s Park Complex, Golden Mile Complex, TripleOne Somerset and the Shaw Towers.

Make sure to check them out and give our local photographers some support!

Let’s hope that Singapore’s remaining brutalist buildings don’t go the way of Pearl Bank Apartments.


Featured image from Instagram, Danistdesgarcon.