5 Reactions from the ‘Heckling’ Incident

We’re all aware of the #ReturnOurCPF protests that went wrong as protesters ‘heckled’ the children on stage. The aftermath on social media proved to be fiery on all sides, with all sorts of people chiming in. Here are the 5 different types of Singaporeans you will see reacting to the event on your social media channels.

1. The Deluded Ones

You know something is wrong with this group when they call people who heckle special needs children, “freedom fighters”.

“Freedom fighters?” What “freedom fighters?”

cpfd2This one had “advice” to give to fellow Singaporeans.

cpfd1And there are those who still believe in the “goodness” of the protests.

2. The PAP Haters

Cause haters gonna hate, every “fault” in the universe can be traced back to PAP.

cpfa1Because ghosts are legitimate information sources now.

cpfpapThese peeps be talkin’ smack ’bout MP Teo Ser Luck. The poor guy never gets a break.

3. The Angry.

Even our resident angmoh wants Ngerng out.

You know this is serious when friendships are on the line.

This one questions Han’s stake in the protests.

4. Those Who Regret Donating to Ngerng

cpfroy1It’s not about the money, really!

cpfroy2We can smell the regret from this side of the internet.

5. The Conspiracy Theorists

It is clear that all these people have done their “research” to present a convincing case.

Regardless of sides, these keyboard warriors descended into name-calling and derogatory slurs, which didn’t help their cases. For all their talk about freedom of speech and anti-bullying, they sure have to learn about empathy.

With reference to Han Hui Hui,  Roy Ngerng, The Real Singapore, Mr Brown and Twitter