Actor turned taxi driver is making his comeback this November

At age 48, Peter Yu is finally making a comeback in a drama series this November. He will be playing a character which is very similar to his life story.

Some of you may have forgotten about him but he had one of the most high-profile divorce in 2008.


Remember the high profile divorce between actress and hostess, Quan Yi Feng and former actor, Yu?

After the divorce, Yu’s life went into shambles. He got himself addicted to gambling and incurred debts up to $100,000.

Fortunately in recent years, Yu is leading a decent life as a taxi driver and is paying off his debt slowly.

Yu’s story is a lesson to many — you could start off at the top but a series of bad decisions would cause you to lose everything you once had.

So here are 10 things you should know about Yu’s life away from the limelight!

1. He is earning a quarter of his salary as an actor


As a taxi driver, Yu is earning about $2000 a month. It may not be much but it is sufficient for him to pay off his debt slowly.

Besides, he is returning to Mediacorp as an actor this year in November and will be playing a role similar to his life story.

According to The Straits Times, this is what Yu had to say about his upcoming role:

“The role is a man who was once a popular actor, but who got into a lot of trouble and whose life fell apart after he got divorced.”

2. He became a Christian

Adopting a religion is probably the turning point of Yu’s life.

As he practices his religion, he became more responsible in making life decisions.

He told SundayLife!:

“I’m contented. In the past, I was foolish and ignorant. But since I found religion, I know what’s important – leading a good life and being a responsible father and husband.”

Yu also acted in a church play in December 2014.

3. His daughter changed her surname


After his divorce, he fell into depression and got addicted to gambling. As a result of his incurred debt, he could no longer afford to pay alimony to his ex-wife and daughter, Eleanor, who gained overnight fame for starring in a viral Apple commercial.

In 2014, he said:

“At that point, my world was in shambles. I had lost everything and felt so useless. I missed her so much but was too ashamed to see her.”


Eleanor probably did not feel much affection towards Yu, which made her want to change her surname to her godfather’s.

Eleanor’s godfather who is local celebrity hairstylist Addy Lee looked after Eleanor since birth, and Eleanor used to call him “Uncle Daddy”. At Eleanor’s birthday party in 2014, Eleanor expressed gratitude to Addy for raising her and promised to be filial to him.

She said:

You are not my Uncle Daddy. You are my Daddy. My name is Lee Kai Xin.

In 2014, she officially changed her surname from ‘Yu’ to ‘Lee’.

4. He once won the Top 10 Most Popular Artistes at the annual Star Awards


At the peak of his career in show business, Yu was awarded  Top 10 Most Popular Artistes at the annual Star Awards back in 1997.

5. He was a model in his youth


When he was younger, he tried many jobs including hairstyling to figure out what he liked best.

He did property, sold insurance and even became a model. In a month he earned around $3000 to $4000.

6. He had a bad command of Mandarin

Since his scripts were all in Chinese, he could not recognise most of the Chinese characters nor comprehend what he was reading.

Yu did not give up as he believed that if his acting career takes off, he would have a stable career.

In a TV series, Changing Path, Yu said that he would spend the whole night checking up words on the dictionary while reading his scripts. After 3 years of reading scripts, he did not need to use the dictionary anymore.

7. He lost his freedom as an actor

He was constantly in the public’s eye, something which made him feel uncomfortable.

Even after he left the industry in 1999, he still felt uneasy whenever he went for his taxi driving course as he was afraid that people might get curious about his personal life.

8. He constantly upgrades his skills

In 1999 after he left the entertainment industry, Yu became a car broker and fiddled around with stocks. He took up a license and was able to trade future stocks.

He did not do very well in stocks and soon after, he went back to hairdressing where he took courses and became a hairstylist for a year before he left that field.

9. He was emotionally unstable after his divorce


Yu thought that he could be on his own after his divorce but his emotions was the opposite of what he had expected.

He moved to one of his brother’s house and all he did every day was stay in bed and watched videos. At times he cried, because he missed his daughter.

10. He once poured his heart out to a passenger

Yu recounted an incident on Changing Path.

He picked up a female passenger and as they got to chatting, he poured out his heart to her — he told her all the good fortunes that happened in his life as well as the dark times of his life.

He also told her that he used to be an artiste which left her dumbfounded.

The female passenger thanked Yu and she felt emotional and motivated after he shared his story.

A phoenix rises from the ashes

Although it has been a long time since Yu has started acting but his story and all the hardships he went through is an inspiration to many.

Yu has shown us that it is never to late to turn things around and gloomy days do not last forever.

Let’s hope that Yu will be successful in his comeback this November!


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Featured image via Changing Path
With reference to The Straits Times, Changing Path, The Straits Times