Prevent This Sexist From Entering Singapore

A Singaporean lady by the name of Ms Charis Mah has started a petition that prevents a sexist and racist pick-up artist from entering Singapore. The pick-up artist in question, Julien Blanc, recently made headlines after his visa was revoked in Australia after a protests against his demeaning wooing techniques. It seems like she isn’t the only one who wants Blanc to stay away. A journalist by the name of Jennifer Li also started a petition against his seminars in the US.

Part of his repertoire included pushing women towards his crotch.

Blanc works with a group called Real Social Dynamics, who make a “living by teaching men how to violate women through physical and emotional abuse”.


One of the most telling examples is that Blanc has a power and control domestic violence wheel, (as shown in the first image,) which he uses as a “checklist” to show how males can “make her [the girlfriend]  stay” in a relationship. He also chokes women around the world to “pick them up”. He teaches men these lessons for up to $3,000.

In another video of his, “White Male F**ks Asian Women In Tokyo (And The Beautiful Methods To It)” he says

“At least in Tokyo, if you’re a white male, you can do what you want. I’m just romping through the streets, just grabbing girls’ heads, just like, head, pfft on the dick. Head, on the dick, yelling, ‘pikachu,’ with a pikachu shirt.”

These screencaps from his website also give us a glimpse of the tactics he uses to get women, which are predatory and abusive in nature:

What Has Happened So Far

The petition has 3160 signatures, with Mah hoping that it will garner 10,000 signatures. She has even addressed this to Deputy Prime Minister Teo Chee Hean, who also happens to be the Minister for Home Affairs, asking him to be denied entry should he try to set foot in Singapore.

She said,

“To allow this man or the group that he works for into Singapore legitimises sexual assault and predation and sends a message that women are playthings or objects without agency.”

Say No To Rape Culture And Sexual Assault

We have previously covered what is wrong with sex education in Singapore, but rape culture is pervasive and affects everyone. Judging from Blanc’s website, he believes that women should be treated as sex objects made to please men, and if they are of another race, they should be exoticised and insulted.

Sexism Affects Men, Too

Apart from dehumanising women, Blanc’s tactics also affect men negatively. He states that he transforms “socially awkward” men into studs, but he is, in fact, teaching them to be sexual predators, goading them on to harass women and act like they are entitled to their bodies.

Creating awareness for this opens up public dialogue with what is and isn’t acceptable behaviour, and this opportunity gives us a lesson on how sexism affects both genders. Men shouldn’t buy into the hype of degrading women to prove their “manliness,” and women shouldn’t stand for such treatment.

Sign the petition and keep this man away from Singapore.

With reference to CNA and The Independent UK
Images via Pimping My Game, video via Youtube
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