Beware Of Secret Pinhole Cameras In Public Toilets

Last Friday (2 Mar), Lianhe Wanbao revealed that a pinhole camera was found in a handicapped toilet at the Nanyang Technological University (NTU) Humanities & Social Sciences building.

The device was disguised as a plastic hook behind the door.

Voyeurism, a.k.a. the criminalised act of filming someone else engaging in private activity without their permission, is an offence that recorded 540 cases in 2016 alone.

Excluding the many other cases that slip under the radar, this means an average of 1.5 cases of voyeurism takes place each day.

It’s hard to deter offenders too, considering that anyone can easily get their hands on a pinhole camera.

Because you can literally buy it off Lazada. Right now.


From just $10.79, spy cameras are incredibly affordable. Operation and installation also happens to be a piece of cake.

As victims are unaware that they are being filmed, it’s even easier for the offender to get away scot-free.

So you gotta protect yourself.


Here’s some ways to prevent yourselves from appearing on a pervert’s database.

How to spot a spycam

For starters, you don’t need a fancy schmancy detector to find out if there’s a camera tracking your every move.

These quick tips from WikiHow are enough to help you protect yourself against the spies.

1. Turn off the lights

Switch off the lights and scan your surroundings for tiny red or green LED lights.

Some devices have built in indicator lights, and a careless voyeur might have forgotten to cover up this glaring feature.


2. Spot for blemishes

Look for holes, cracks and even black dots in walls or interior ornaments, spy cameras could be hidden there.

Use your smartphone’s flashlight feature to illuminate the hole and test your suspicion.


3. Check suspicious areas

Comb through places where microphone and video transmitters can be hidden, such as flower pots, light fixtures, pictures hanging off the walls.


If an item seems out of place or something seems amiss, it probably is.

Listen closely for any suspicious sounds. Certain motion-sensitive cameras make almost inaudible click noises when they are videoing.


5. Keep your eyes peeled

In the case of the NTU camera, the camera was spotted when a user noticed a plastic hook was placed at a relatively low position, opposite the toilet bowl.

She had noticed that the hook, which had an air freshener pack hanging from it, had not been there before.

When something unusual is present in a public toilet, take a couple of seconds to investigate.

Even if you can’t spot any visible signs but you still get eerie vibes, just leave.


Problem (temporarily) solved.

Privacy please

If only voyeurs understood the concept of personal space and privacy.

Until that day comes, we can only make sure that we don’t fall prey to their traps.

If you have more to add on to these 5 tips, let us know in the comments below.

For now, if you see a pinhole camera now, you know what to do.


Featured image from Ezbuy, Ezbuy.