Yishun Playground Fight Turns Ugly As Man Fights With Someone Else’s Child

What should have been a joyful afternoon of family bonding quickly became an ugly spat between a parent and someone else’s child.

A video showing a grown man kicking and pushing away a 5-year-old child in a playground has gone viral, being viewed over 20,000 times on Facebook.

The video was accompanied by a mother’s account of the incident. She claimed that:

This overprotective dad of 2 actually physically assaulted Dexter (her 5-year-old son). The dad kicked, pushed and rough handled a 5-year-old boy.


The incident is believed to have taken place on Monday (9 Apr) at Sunshine Childhood Playland in Northpoint, an indoor playground that features a sand pit.

The boy’s mother later confirmed on Facebook that she had lodged a police report about the incident.


Her original post featuring CCTV footage of the incident has since been removed but the video is still making the rounds on social media.

The CCTV account

In the video, two parents and their two young children are seen playing in the playground.

A few seconds later, a little boy runs into the sand pit.

He plays by himself for awhile but his curiosity is aroused by the nearby family.

He peeks over at what’s happening with the family but the man appears to swat him away.


Undeterred, the boy returns to the family but this time, the man kicks him.


The man, whose leg is visibly tattooed, then flings a spade across the pit.


He then stares down at the boy.

All the while, the other adult in the video looks on casually, without taking further action.


Matters escalate when the boy decides to retaliate by smacking the man with two hands.

Evidently enraged, the man stands up quickly, pushing the boy onto a slide in the process. He once again stares at the boy, who remains undeterred.


The boy then tries to get a yellow drum that the man’s daughter is playing with but the man gets there first and throws it across the pit.

All this must have caused quite the commotion because the boy’s mother rushes in from the ball pit next door.

Perhaps encouraged by his mother’s presence, the boy goes in for another smack on the man but the man does nothing but block his blows.

After a few more seconds of playing, the boy leaves the pit, followed by his mother.

As she leaves, she obviously chides the man for hitting her child and an argument ensues.

But it is a short-lived one, with the mother quickly leaving the scene.

The mother’s account

Following the incident, the boy’s mother took to Facebook to share her account of the event.

Netizens responded to her posts with gusto, with some rushing to her defence and others criticising her.

Some called out the man for his lack of patience with a young child.


Others chided the child’s mother for not disciplining her son better.


But a netizen claiming to be the boy’s sister asked for more tolerance and understanding, saying that he had autism.


This comment could have influenced the discussion more but it was removed when the mother deleted her original post.

Despite the differing opinions, some level-headed ones saw both sides of the argument and offered a more balanced opinion.


Regardless of how netizens feel, the issue is now a matter for the police to look into.

But whether the boy should have been better disciplined or whether the man should have been more patient, it shows one thing: kindness is king.


Featured image via Facebook.