PM Lee’s fave blog is a math site

We all know what a big geek our Prime Minister is. After all, he’s well versed in programming, and wrote a sudoku solver on C++ a few years ago. He even owns a lightsabre, which was gifted when he visited Lucasfilm in 2007. But we perhaps never quite knew the true extent of his geekery, until he revealed his favourite blog.

Last Friday (Feb 24), Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong participated in a rather illuminating dialogue session at Camp Sequoia — “a technology summit for innovators and industry leaders”, according to Channel NewsAsia. Mr Lee spoke candidly of his fears, what keeps him up at night, and how he remains honest to himself and his inadequacies – but there was one particular answer that show us why he’s our coolest PM.

PM Lee Opens up

When asked for his favourite websites, PM Lee mentioned several utterly unsurprising news sites, which keep him updated on current events. He also spoke of photography sites, which keeps his well-known passion for photography fueled.

More specifically however, PM Lee pinpointed a certain blog he follows — Terry Tao’s blog. For the unfamiliar, Terry Tao is a renowned mathematician:

PM Lee reveals his fav blog_Terry Tao SS



More About Terry Tao

Dubbed “The Mozart of Maths” by the Sydney Morning Herald, Terence Tao (Terry’s real name) was a child prodigy who went on to secure a slew of mathematical achievements. Tao attended university level mathematics courses by age 9, and made history by becoming the youngest ever participant to win a bronze, silver, and gold medal at the International Mathematical Olympiad, at the mere age of 13. He then proceeded to become the youngest full professor at the University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA).

Despite his achievements, Tao remains humble, at least according to this Quora user:

PM Lee reveals his fav blog_TERRY QUORA TAO SS



To know more about Terence Tao, watch this snippet of his interview, where he did indeed seem like a down to earth individual:



PM Lee’s Math Interest

Arguably, as a mathematical genius himself, it does not come as a surprise that PM Lee would follow the happenings of the mathematical world. Afterall, PM Lee did graduate as the top mathematics undergraduate in Cambridge and went on to code a sudoku solver out of interest, on top of his duties as a Prime Minister. If that’s not proof enough of his mathematical talent, we’ll be happy to inform you that PM Lee’s son, Li Haoyi, is also an avid programmer.

PM Lee reveals his fav blog_math is strong yoda



Learn From PM Lee

For fellow avid math lovers who would like to follow in our PM’s footsteps and read the blogs of one of the best mathematicians of our time, do not be disheartened if you find yourself lost in confusing mathematical jargon — even our PM himself claims that he usually gets lost after the first two paragraphs of Terence’s posts!

Ultimately, it is heartening to know that PM Lee does believe in lifelong learning, and actively participates in it.
Featured photo from Lee Hsien Loong’s Facebook Page.