Prime Minister ignores NEA when commenting about rubbish left behind after music festival

Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong made a post on his Facebook page today encouraging Singaporeans to pick up their own litter and turn Singapore from a “cleaned” city to a “truly clean city” by picking up their own litter and telling others to do the same.

He made a comparison between Myanmar fans who were seen picking up litter after a AFF Suzuki Cup match against Singapore at the National Stadium, and a picture taken of a field strewn with garbage at the Laneway Festival.

PM Lee then linked to the Public Hygiene Council’s Facebook page in a manner reminiscent of an advertorial (we’re pretty sure he is not actually doing one though!). We see this as being highly intriguing given how barely anyone has even heard of the Public Hygiene Council (PHC). Last we checked, it has 2,235 likes on Facebook.

Perhaps sensing that fines were not a strong enough deterrent to littering despite raising fine amounts, he chose to link to the PHC instead of the National Environment Agency (NEA), who are known for giving out fines for littering.

Notably, the PHC Facebook page had linked to an article last November about the fans from Myanmar who stayed back to clean up the stadium. Maybe PM Lee was alerted to their campaign to get Singaporeans to clean up earlier today, after hearing feedback about the mountain of garbage left at the Laneway Festival?

However, PHC made no mention of the Laneway field of litter on their Facebook page.

PM Lee trying a “soft” approach?

Whether the “soft” approach will reduce littering is anyone’s guess, but the plug given to the PHC is interesting nonetheless.

He may be telling Singaporeans that we cannot rely on cleaners and maids to clean up after us. Or…he could just be annoyed at hipsters and wanted to take a potshot at them. Who knows?

All we know is, with great (social media) power comes great responsibility.

Featured image via Lee Hsien Loong
With references from The Straits Times