PM Lee And Barack Obama Enjoyed A High SES Dinner

Talk about a high SES gathering.

Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong, 66, caught up with former US President Barack Obama on Monday (19 Mar) over what appears to be a scrumptious — and intimate — dinner.

Mr Obama, 56, was in town to speak at a private event of the Bank of Singapore. He also met young ASEAN leaders during his brief stopover here.

We didn’t get a chance to meet the 44th President but we did scrutinise the evening’s menu, which was conveniently peeking out at the corner of that picture.

You know, anything to find out how you too can dine like a world leader.

Computer, enhance!

Bring out the good china for this lesson in diplomatic dining.

Veggie #1

Before we start, quick note to our low SES readers. Eggplant = brinjal.


We might be used to seeing it like this at the cai peng stall:


But when you’re some of the world’s most popular politicans, you have your eggplants with goat cheese, croutons, leek and coriander.

We can’t even begin to tell you what that would look like but we’re sure it tastes ah-mazing!


Meat #1

When you think of a good steak, what comes to mind?


If it’s from your neighbourhood’s western stall and paired with crinkle-cut fries… think again.

Because Mr Obama and PM Lee tucked into grilled wagyu beef served with baby corn and asparagus.

Now that’s what you call impressive.

Seafood #1

Having possibly lined his pockets with S$500,000 from his earlier speech to Bank of Singapore, Mr Obama can afford to splurge on seafood.

That means no ikan bilis.


Instead, the dining bros nommed on grilled prawns glazed in butter and wrapped in lardo, an Italian cured meat. Think bacon but way fancier.

We suspect it looked something like this:


We’re sure they had dessert as well but a vase is blocking the second-half of the menu.

If their previous courses were anything to go by, we suspect that dessert was nothing short of spectacular.


A nightcap, anybody?

We can only imagine the quality of wine served at the dinner but going by PM Lee’s flushed face in the photo, he might have had one too many.

Mr Obama seemed to be trucking along just fine though, enjoying both a red and a white.


Jokes aside, it’s nice to see that these two world leaders still get together for a catch-up, more than a year after Mr Obama’s 8-year term ended.

It’s testament to their likable and decent characters — something sorely missing from the current White House occupant.

During dinner, the duo chatted about a range of topics, from post-public service lives, to causes they care about.

Mr Lee wrote:

A lot has happened since we last met at APEC 2016 in Lima, so we had much to talk about. Happy to hear that (Mr Obama) is busy working with his foundation and other charities. The best part about life after the presidency – more time with family and friends!

Can you hear the excitement to retire in Mr Lee’s voice?

Showcase more local food!

Maybe the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, which we’re guessing organised this dinner, should consider featuring more local dishes during diplomatic dinners.

After all Myanmar’s State Counsellor Aung San Suu Kyi was visibly happy eating laksa and roti prata when she was at Ghim Moh Market and Food Centre in 2016.

And we’re sure that Mr Obama, who grew up in Indonesia, would relish Selera Rasa’s nasi lemak from Adam Road Food Centre just as much as Indonesian President Widodo did.

Featured image via Facebook.