PM Lee Dines At American Fast-Food Chain Shake Shack For Lunch

American fast-food joint Shake Shack began from a humble hot dog cart in Madison Square Park in Manhattan before opening its first permanent kiosk in 2004. Since then, the fast-food chain has expanded globally with stores located all over the world.

The chain is so popular that the flagship store at Madison Square Park has a live camera that allows potential customers to track the current crowd.


However, for us Singaporeans, we know that fast-food chain must really have food to die for, after our own PM Lee was spotted having lunch at an outlet in Washington DC.

Whatever happened to eating healthy?

Children told him to try it

PM Lee is currently on a diplomatic visit to the US. With a few days to rest after meeting US President Donald Trump for the first time at the White House, PM Lee was encouraged to visit the legendary chain by his children.

It seems that you are never too old to go on a double-date after the PM and his wife were joined by Singapore’s Ambassador to USA Mr Ashok Kumar Mirpuri and his wife.

The quartet clearly enjoyed their meal of burgers and fries.


But they weren’t the only who thoroughly enjoyed their time that day. Shake Shack outlet manager was pleasantly surprised and honored to be serving the PM.


Forget Boeing, sign with Shake Shack

With the nearest store to Singapore located in South Korea or Japan, we hope that PM Lee was diplomatic enough to bring the brand back to Singapore.

Featured images from Facebook.