After reading this, you’ll regret being lazy about yesterday’s evening jog

If you’re wondering why your good ol’ neighbourhood haunt, Bishan Park, was exceptionally crowded yesterday evening (28 June), it’s because two world famous politicians were busy turning the park into a steak house.

Actually, 21 other locations in Singapore were turned into steak houses as part of Australia’s SG50 celebrations. That amounts to 10,000 juicy, barbequed beef and lamb steaks for thousands of happy Aussie and Singaporean stomachs.

No wonder Australian Prime Minister Tony Abbott spent pre-feast Sunday morning burning some extra calories:

Morning ride on the streets of Singapore with the @anzasingapore cycling group. #Singapore @leehsienloong

A photo posted by Tony Abbott (@tonyabbottmhr) on

I can only dream of looking this swaggy when I’m 57. Or spending overseas trips barbequing steak with a prime minister I can call ‘bruh’. Such peasant daydreams. Anyway, to chase away your Monday blues, I shall instead attempt to daydream through the eyes of selfie king PM Lee and swaggy cyclist PM Abbott.

10 thoughts the swaggy PMs had at Bishan Park, based on photos

1. I’m photogenic and I know it

PM Lee: My Singapore colours OOTD and steak are so on point, I’m going to out-smile everyone in this photo. Snap away paparazzi.

2. Kids are cute and all, but…

PM Abbott: This kid could surely use a photo taking crash course from me and my main man Hsien Loong.

3. Much better.

Both: Talk about #SquadGoals.

4. One does not simply exclude PM Lee from a selfie

PM Lee: *side-eyes* Selfie bojio.

5. Never mind.

PM Abbott: Abang, don’t sad already k?

6. Forget about Tony Roma’s, say hello to Tony Abbott’s

PM Abbott: I could grill steak wearing a dress shirt and pants all day and still slay the side smirk. No sweat. Definitely none at all.

7. #NoFilter but Insta-worthy as hell

Caught up with our friend last night, #Singapore Prime Minister @leehsienloong A photo posted by Tony Abbott (@tonyabbottmhr) on

Both: We need an Insta-worthy picture. Come, let’s hold this railing and flash our million dollar smiles.

8. Up next on Tony Abbott’s to-do list

PM Lee: Plant trees with a minister for the 10483098110981236th time — check.

9. I swear, it smells absolutely amazing

PM Abbott: I’m actually sweating from fear of trying this vile smelling fruit but I’ll just let everyone think it’s the weather.

10. Mandatory #OOTD shot

Both: No one pulls off a Koala apron with long pants better than us bros.

Someone start a #TonyLoong fan club already

Excuse me while I start a Facebook page and Instagram account for this duo.

If they’d like, I would gladly photograph them chilling with the Koalas too.

Here’s to more Australia-Singapore SG50 birthday parties!

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