Emeritus Senior Minister Invited As Guest Of Honour For “Pogo For Rice”

If it wasn’t already obvious enough from the hordes of uncles and aunties furiously trying to catch that Entei, Pokemon Go isn’t just for kids.

More than a year after taking the world by storm, the free-to-play augmented reality game is still going strong — especially here in Singapore.

Even Emeritus Senior Minister Goh Chok Tong is playing it.

No, really.

Pictured: Uncles and aunties


That’s how anyone playing Pokemon Go looks like.

POGO for Rice

On Saturday (11 Nov), the Marine Crescent Ville RC organised a mass Pokemon Go event called “POGO for Rice”.


Sponsored by NTUC Fairprice, the aim was to raise 500,000 bowls of brown and white rice for the 7,000 needy residents in the South-East District of Marine Parade.

Lures were set-up around 7 PokeStops around the vicinity, and rice was raised based on the distance walked by the participants.

And boy, was it well received.


Kicking off the event in style

Being an MP for Marine Parade, ESM Goh attended the charity event as the Guest of Honour — where he kicked it off by tossing a plush Poke Ball at a child wearing a Pikachu onesie.

We can’t believe we typed out that sentence either, but it totally happened.



He was also joined by Singapore’s top Pokemon Go player, Brandon Tan, who graciously lent the former-Prime Minister his iPad to join in on the fun.

As a result, ESM Goh was able to catch several Pokemon a Pinsir and a Pidgey.


In case you Pokemon Go players were wondering what team he’s on, it’s actually really simple — he’s on team White.

Or maybe team Instinct, because they have lightnings on their logo.

Popularity of Pokemon Go

There you have it — if you thought Pokemon Go was dead, think again.

It’s still well and alive and is played by many Singaporeans on a daily basis.

How many, you ask?

This many.


Pokemon Go? More like Pokemon Goh, amirite?

Featured image from Facebook.