Spider In Aloha Poké Bowl: An Unexpected Side Of Protein

Imagine digging your way through a hearty and nutritious meal from Aloha Poké when you discover that you’ve got more ingredients than you bargained for.

Facebook user Siew Ping had an encounter of the eight-legged kind when she ordered poké bowls for herself and her friend.

Imagine their horror when the deceased arachnid was unearthed from the bottom of the bowl.

Words don’t do it justice. Have a look for yourself here:


In case the post gets taken down, here is a screenshot of Siew Ping’s post:


The horrific aftermath

Safe to say, Siew Ping and friend did not continue eating.

According to her, the owner of Aloha Poké has apologised and revealed that their salad supplier has “received feedback with regards to the same issue”.

Aloha Poké will also be focusing on necessary training for their staff on insect monitoring and removal.


But back to that supplier.

In an update, Siew Ping discovers that the wholesale salad supplier to Aloha Poké was the partner of a friend.

He called her with a profuse apology and a clarification on his team’s goals,

Food safety is of (the) utmost importance and that food safety inspections are conducted by his team before onward distribution.

An apology issued

For what it’s worth, Aloha Poké has issued a public apology through an interview with The Straits Times.

The kitchen where the order was placed will be closed for two days, for “through investigation and cleaning”.

Hopefully, this will prevent copycats of Siew Ping’s friend Not-So-Small Spidey.

Mr John Chen, the interviewee, also gave his assurance that they (Aloha Poké) will “do our best to prevent such incidents from reoccurring”.


The food was prepared in Deliveroo’s delivery-only location in Katong.

Two cents

According to Siew Ping, she received a full refund for the meal, along with $20 worth of store credits, which she does not plan to use.

She also acknowledged that the spider might be an isolated incident, but felt that the situation at least warranted “some attention”.

It is a sign of the high food safety and cleanliness standards in Singapore that a situation like this can capture people’s attention.

With Siew Ping leaving things up to the National Environment Agency (NEA), she is “ready to move on from this thread”.

Hey, thread. That’s the thing that spiders spin.

Featured image from Facebook.