Pokemon Hoenn Papercraft Project Is The Perfect June Holiday Activity For Kids And Parents Alike

Parents: Are you looking for a way to pry your kids off their electronic devices without resorting to $55-a session piano lessons?

Kids: Who am I kidding, kids don’t read MSN.

Anyway, the Pokemon Hoenn Papercraft Project is a one-man (or woman) project by a Reddit user, u/wrestlingdudeeasttn.

Papercraft Slateport City from r/pokemon

u/wrestlingdudeeasttn is attempting to map out the entirety of the Hoenn region.

To sweeten the deal, he’s providing the templates of these towns and routes on his Patreon page, so you can recreate his recreation of Hoenn.

The Pokemon Centre is just one of many templates available.

The best part is, it’s absolutely free-of-charge.

The greatest generation of Pokemon games – recreated

For the uninitiated or those needing to jog their memory, Hoenn is the region from the third generation of Pokemon Games.

This includes the Ruby, Sapphire and Emerald versions, aka THE best generation.

Here’s one of the first routes that your character will travel through:

Hoenn Papercraft Update: Littleroot Town to Petalburg City from r/pokemon

No detail has been spared by u/wrestlingdudeeasttn.

Even the first trainer battle you’ll ever have in the game is recreated in loving detail.


Pacifidlog Town is another little dwelling that has been remade in paper.


Unfortunately, the waves’ ebb and flow are not included. Maybe try squinting your eyes and moving back and forth?

Where to next?

In response to a user, u/wrestlingdudeeasttn says that each town takes him about a month to make.

As of right now, there are three towns up for free download: Petalburg City, Slateport City and Pacifidlog Town.

The next town/city up? He’s not sure yet, but says that Fortree City would pose a “nice challenge”.

Considering the amount of water bodies in the later part of the game, we suggest overlooking the aquatic routes in favour of the lush greenery of Fortree City.

Nonetheless, we’re psyched to see what town comes next.

Featured image from Reddit.